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Ion exchanger

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 06 09:00:27 EDT 2004 | davef

There is distilled water and distilled water. It depends on the distallation process used. Using distilled water is fine, as long as it meets your standard. So, if you buy distilled water, get a written certification that conductivity is less than 1

Assembly Time Standards

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 19 14:20:43 EDT 2004 | cactus48

Hello, I am looking for industry time standards for assembly tasks, from SMT to product packing. I was told a few years ago that IEEE had these standards. When I finally looked, they did not exist that I could find. Does anyone know if / where such

Need camera for MPM AP-20

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 25 21:45:27 EST 2005 | pdeuel

I am looking for a camera prizm for the Marlboro pack size camera. I will concider buying the whole camera used, working or not if prizm is ok. I figured some of you tech's would maybe have one laying around somewhare. If not how would on go about lo

Dryer Indicator

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 02:21:14 EST 2005 | Nifhail

I've heard about the dessicator i.e.useless in sealed bags, ineffectual, but have not heard about the Dryer Indicator will contaminate the immersion Silver/Tin surface. Can someone help? I was told that the dryer indicator (HIC) that contains sulphur

Mydata vib feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 10:20:21 EST 2005 | Rob

Hi Colin, Yes there are such machines available, new prices start at around $10K. You can also have a taping house sort out your current stock & buy in taped for next time which would be far cheaper (However pack quantities will change a lot). If

LQFP128 doesn't work when cold

Electronics Forum | Wed May 31 16:09:14 EDT 2006 | barryg

Did You verify operation of the oscillaators(resonaters) by heating and cooling and looking at the waveforms and frequencies when doing so. We have problems when they are not packed correcttly from vendors , and sometimes they can get crackes in them

Baking planars after new BGA placed.

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 14 20:37:03 EDT 2006 | davef

JEDEC defines packaging, matrix trays, tape and reel, and like whatnot. You need to be searching ANSI and IPC. Find these documents: * ANSI/J-STD-020, Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification for Plastic Integrated Circuit Surface Mount Devices *

Vapor Pressure at lead free reflow temperatures

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 21 04:36:34 EDT 2006 | Rob

Yes, appropriate storage & component handling proceedures should be followed depending on the MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level) class of the component. Some component suppliers are now marking the MSL class on the label, along with PBT (Peak Body

Do yo have to bake unused bare boards or just Vacuum Pack?

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 25 04:17:51 EDT 2006 | aj

Thanks for reply, I am mainly concerned when we run a batch of say 200 out of a kit of 400. due to part shortages we might have to revisit the remainder a few weeks later. Its these boards that concern me. we use enig boards. aj...

Do yo have to bake unused bare boards or just Vacuum Pack?

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 27 20:30:53 EDT 2006 | darby

AJ, We use all ENIG boards. After opening, any remaining boards are kept in low humidity keeping cabinet. I have never experienced a problem using this method I think the longest I have kept them this way is eighteen months. We also store any open tr

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