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Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 15:11:53 EST 2006 | billyd

Hey fellas. Listen, I'm trying to see what the industry as a whole is doing with regard to placement and reflow of the tiny QFN devices. Not the larger ones, but the 4mm or 5mm ones. We struggled a bit with a QFN24, 5mm square. The thermal pad undern

Replacing small SMD PMICs

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 10 20:27:50 EST 2008 | jmelson

As long as it doesn't have a thermal pad soldered under the package, it shouldn't be a big problem. Small, pointed iron, stereo zoom microscope if you can find one, or a head-mounted magnifier. Lots of light. Rest the heel of your hand on the boar

TQFN Solder Issues (56 contact) ZF

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 20 18:53:13 EDT 2009 | fdbittner

Having some issues with 56 contact TQFN. This is low-run prototype situation so no second chances - unfortunately. Part is 5mm X 11mm with .30X .63 perimeter lands and 2.5 X 8.5 thermal pad in center. Issues noted are intermittency at test (basica

Nordic aQFN73 stencil design

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 12:52:00 EDT 2018 | slthomas

We are about to do a second iteration of something we struggled mightily with last time and I'm hoping to at least make a step in the right direction. There are 12 of these parts on the board and virtually all of them required removal and replacemen

How to reduce solder joint voids of LED without using vacuum reflow?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 30 09:33:15 EDT 2019 | emeto

Contributors in order of importance: 1. PCB design - if you have large thermal pads, a grid of via holes should be created. Components with low profile will not let the gas to escape from the joint. The only way is going down. 2. Reduce paste volum

PCB Thermal Design Considerations

Electronics Forum | Fri May 20 03:41:04 EDT 2016 | jpcwg

With power components coming in smaller and smaller surface mount packages it is very important to come up with a coherent approach to mitigating the thermal dissipation requirements of these components in a PCB design. While the development of an ex

Large Solder Stencil Apertures

Electronics Forum | Thu May 04 05:04:04 EDT 2000 | Richard Durrant

I have a few lcc devices that have large metal areas on their bases that require them to be soldered to the board for thermal and electrical reasons. I have provided a large copper pad and thermal vias, but how do I describe the solder stencil inform

Wave Solder Question

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 12:36:43 EDT 2013 | patrickbruneel

Yes it is the massive ground plane stealing all heat. You need to have a thermal relieve design for that specific pad.

LGA36 6.5 x 3.5 mm

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 24 05:25:07 EDT 2007 | mika

Thanks aj, Ohh I wish that there was a way to post a picture in this forum or a possibility to attach the datasheet... Which BTW does not have any recommendation of "how to". This package does not have the "center thermal pad" like a QFN or MLF pack

NXP QFN Solderability Wetting Problems, Kester

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 11:24:18 EDT 2017 | dleeper

The exposed metallization on the sides of the QFN probably aren't tinned and therefore not expected to have solder wetted to them. If previous parts formed nice toe filets, it might just be that those parts were fresher and the exposed metal did not

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