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Solder Paste Volume

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 20:13:01 EDT 2001 | davef

First, some people wait a lifetime for ... ;-) Second, how do you guys measure the stencil aperture clog? What do you think of the Magnaplancil from Fendelaz? It�s a double fyv-blue-green CO2 laser refract-defractometer. ;-) Third, do you really

Wavesolder Carriers

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 18:11:48 EDT 2001 | billschreiber

Adam, After a thorough cleaning, I see most of my customers using a weekly maintenance schedule. However, because the characteristics of the post solder flux will contaminate the wash solution of the stencil cleaner, some customers wait until they a

Solder paste layout

Electronics Forum | Fri May 11 10:33:22 EDT 2001 | wbu

Hi KP, I�m wondering why you send those boards outhouse for the SMD part with a stencil. How do you know it fits their printer. We give the stencil data 1:1 to the subcon so that they can order the stencil to their needs with reduction and thicknes

Clamshell versus Vertical Lift Printer

Electronics Forum | Wed May 30 21:16:05 EDT 2001 | davef

MPM AP-27 preferred over MPM AP-20 The issue is release of paste from the stencil. A vertical lift printer kinda snaps the stencil away from the board to complete the print cycle. The inertia and the rheometric properties of the paste make it rele

Printing problem, water soluble paste with gold plating PCB..

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 21:12:32 EDT 2001 | davef

"Poor release" (paste hanging-up in the stencil holes) could have three main (or combination of) causes: 1 Equipment: Stencil is too thick. Specifically, a 6 thou stencil should be OK, providing you don�t violate the area and aspect ratios in the fi

Re: BGA-2000 Micro Oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 15:47:39 EST 2000 | Kris W

Rob, I am currently using a BGA-3000 from OK, which works fairly well. I did find that the customer support for the purchase of nozzles and stencils was very poor (overpriced and long lead times). I did find stencils for a good price through Mini

Re: Mid Chip Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 17 08:09:05 EST 2000 | Mark Anderson

As stated previous, the following elements all have a effect on solder beading. Solder Paste, stencil apertures(reduction of home plate), stencil thickness, printing parameters, placement height, reflow preheat and soaking slope and dwell, manufactur

Frameless Stencils

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 13:51:37 EST 2000 | Michael Uganecz

Hello, I'm doing some research on frameless stencils/stencil frames and I'm looking for people's thoughts on them. I'm looking for any and all thoughts/opinions on how well they work or don't work. Some specific areas of interest: tensioning in one

Re: Info. on Stencil cleaners

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 29 13:09:12 EST 1999 | Mike Konrad

There are three primary methods of stencil cleaning. � Hand Cleaning � Spray-In-Air Cleaning � Ultrasonic Cleaning Hand Cleaning: Hand cleaning involves the removal of solder paste or adhesives from stencils using a chemically saturated wipe and /


Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 23:00:11 EST 1999 | Ricky L. Price

Bill S. is correct on the positive effects of the Smartsonic 440-R SMT detergent. We have been using this in conjunction with a Smartsonic 4200-2D ultrasonic washer that is equipped with a tank heater set at 100'F. Our suggested process window to p

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