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Re: Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 24 20:00:02 EDT 1998 | D.Lange

I use SMART WIPE for stencil cleaning but it cost too much. Did anyone know any product that cost cheaper? Thanks-princeton S. We use "SMT Stencil Cleaner" from JNJ Industries. It works great with paste but not 100% with epoxy. It

Plastic Stencils for screen printing ahesive

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 08 01:43:49 EDT 1998 | Clint Meech

We currently screen print glue for our bottom side components. We are looking to get the bottom side of one our boards screened with a solder resist (to cover mounting holes, etc, for the wave-soldering process). This would create an uneven surface

Re: Any success using metal squeegees w/Fuji GSPII?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 18:32:20 EST 1998 | Rin Or

Using metal squeegees on GSPs has caused premature stencil wear. Has anyone had any success with this combination? How much snap off did you use? We are using .5 mm pitch and have a no clean process. I have been using lots of metal sqyeegee

Re: Stencils for solder paste

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 16:19:26 EST 1997 | Justin Medernach

Need help determining the size / $ value of the stencil market in North America. Can you offer suggestions as to who or where I can go to get a grasp on this data??????? Thanks for any help. Dave, The market is huge. I work in the New England

Stencil Inspection Equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 13:35:06 EDT 2001 | arzu

first try to get rid of the problem instead of cleaning. Try Almit V16L for finepitch (good experience!) no, I do not work for that company... assuming that the rest of your process is perfect and you do not use old paste, do not use the same paste o

DEK PumpPrint Stencils

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 30 14:54:26 EST 2001 | jhingtgen

Doug, Thank you for your interest in DEK's PumpPrint technology. The stencils are a plastic type with a standard thickness of 3mm. This thickness, as you mentioned is to allow us to route out for clinched leads. Also for note is that we manufactu

Screenprinting Adhesives

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 12 15:43:25 EDT 2002 | Fuji Spares

Screening adhesive can be messy but is alot quicker than using a glue machine as long as you setupyour stencil machine either manual or machine, we also use steel stencils with a stainless squeegee but you can use a rubber squeegee not sure about pre

Heraeus Benchmarker experiences?

Electronics Forum | Wed May 08 04:20:58 EDT 2002 | S.E.J.E

Hi there. I intend to do some evaluation between different pastes, stencils, stencil apertures and reflow profiles (to find practical differences, evaluate stencil suppliers and have some desing guides among other things). I'm considering to use ben

Reflow PBGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 26 10:36:24 EDT 2002 | Steve L

Thanks for all of your valuable inputs. The paste we are useing is PWS0111Ae36 (Alpha MEtal), peak temp from 210 to 225 C. The paste was on the floor about 3 weeks. ianchan, when you mentioned "no more than 6 hrs in the stencil", you mean no more t

SPC for MPM UP1500 Stencil Printers

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 26 11:04:34 EDT 2002 | mcmilse

This is a general question just to see what people may be doing to control the stencil printing process. I am new to the stencil printing process and as the subject line states I am looking to set up an SPC plan for my MPM UP1500. Now I have a few

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