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BGA chip corner epoxy / adhesive?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 07 14:17:03 EST 2006 | russ

I would bet that it is a SMT adhesive used to ensure that the BGA does not move during a secoindary reflow prcess. this glue is easily removed with a soldering iron. Russ

Hand Solder tips deterioration - No-Lead Pb

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 03 20:30:11 EST 2007 | mrduckmann2000

We too are having issues with our soldering iron tips. We purchased the new Weller WD series irons which we were told would work just fine with lead-free solder. The Weller unit has changed 3 times in the last year(latest unit is the WD2M series).

Starting SMT home company.

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 29 09:40:08 EDT 2007 | tammyanne

I'm starting a surface mount company. Can anyone suggest good start up equipment? Temp controlled solder iron, microscope/ magnifying lamp. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

Starting SMT home company.

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 29 14:43:22 EDT 2007 | jmelson

For a microscope, you want one with the greatest working distance and depth of field you can get. You don't want a lot of magnification, so something like 0.7 - 20 X is good. If you are buying new, have salesmen bring them by and actually try them

Compressor air line material

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 23 08:26:02 EDT 2007 | davef

We have always used black iron pipe for compressor air line. This pipe is very expensive to purchase and install. What is a better alternative?

Compressor air line material

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 23 09:56:04 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Every plant I've worked at used copper. I don't know your criteria for better, but I would think soldering and hanging copper would be a lot easier/quicker than threading and hanging iron. I haven't priced either one, though.

Weller Desoldering Tweezers

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 09:35:51 EDT 2007 | pbxtech

Thanks Jon! Good to know! I don't think my iron is ever set at 300*C, haha :), so mineral oil is probably not my best bet. I'll try getting some of that copper grease.

Lead Free Alloy

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 09 13:41:06 EST 2007 | stepheniii

Don't forget that leadfree solder can leach the iron out of old solder tanks. Make sure yours is compatable with leadfree solder. You don't want the tank disolving, unleashing a tidal wave of molten solder.

Fiducial replacements?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 03 11:44:14 EST 2007 | stepheniii

I've done a couple fiducial transplants from populated boards to non-populated boards in the past. I've also used a soldering iron on irregular shaped HASL fids to round them out. And that is a vintage rant.

Solder Tip Tinner

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 10 09:25:45 EST 2008 | mleber

How many are using solder tip tinner? We were recently told that our tinner was shortening the life of our tips. We are using JBC irons / tips and an entirely leaded process (military) Any leads or sites on tip tinner greatly appreciated.

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