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Nano ProTek Coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 19:53:20 EDT 2011 | isd_jwendell

Using AIM N.C. paste, just ran 10 panels to test after applying Rain-X to the stencil (pre-clean with IPA). Printing and release were slightly better (maybe my imagination), but not a large difference. Stencil remained cleaner longer. I could not tel

Stencil-PCB Alignment Mehods - Printing process

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 09 11:00:27 EST 2011 | alexanderb

Dear All, I am a totally new to the SMT process. In fact, I just had an overview course regarding the whole process of PCBA manufacturing and I have know a bunch of questions in my head. Most of them are linked to the solder paste printing process

screen thickness

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 03 09:50:37 EST 2012 | mosborne1

Thanks very much everyone. > > I'll try out a > 5mil and see how that goes. If you are using 6mil stencil and you are saying that you need more on the 0603 parts then you might want to look at your squeege pressure. What kind of squeege blades ar

Epoxy for printing

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 15:13:49 EST 2012 | davef

Care must be taken to not apply an excess of material, as the adhesive will flow under the device during placement and curing, and could cause a short. Printer setup: * Don't worry about stencil thickness. A wide range of stencil thicknesses (typic

QFN aligment issues

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 10 09:00:47 EDT 2012 | stentech

until you know if you stencil does align with the pads on the board all the fids in the world will not help you. registration is key. We do it a lot at our facility in Toronto as we have lots of measuring equipment. In cases like this. We lay the ste

paper vs emboss (& zig zag placement)

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 08 14:11:47 EST 2012 | eniac

I don't know what is BOC (may be I know it by another name...), but: 1. Check placement coordinates by camera (if your mounter can do it) and tune it if they have a problems; 2. Check your stencil - it can be a mistake during stencil cutting (very sm

MPM Accuflex Squeegee Error

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 29 16:29:16 EDT 2013 | aemery

Worked on these for many years as a Speedline FSE, now doing my own thing. You could have motion or alignment issues in the printhead. The setting in the INI could be wrong, but unlikely. Or are you just using the wrong squeegees. Without a stenc

Vectorguard frame failure.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 11:43:52 EST 2013 | markhoch

I'm not sure of the timeframe with which you have to work, but I'd consider sending the frame and mounted stencil back to DEK for repair. I'm not a huge fan of these systems, because I believe consistancy in the process is critical, and these system

Nano coatings ? PAPERS!!! ... We want papers!

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 20 09:26:36 EDT 2013 | proceng1

I believe that Rain-X contains silicone and Nano-ProTek solution does not. I did speak with a field service guy for Nano-Protek and he told me the special coating test pen that they offer is just a sharpie with their logo on it. Thats how I test to

DEK Horizon 03i

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 09:39:33 EDT 2014 | emeto

Hi there, It looks weird how you handled the problem. Just a thought, but would you check the stencil and may be recut a new one, making sure you have the image exactly in the center and have the fiducials exactly where you want them and the frame

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