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SMD solder joint calculation

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 16 12:04:45 EST 2002 | dason_c

You can use the IPC-7525, Stencil Design Guidelines for start up.

Rippling effect of stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 13:37:31 EST 2002 | gtemple

What about reducing your force and slow the blades down slightly

Rippling effect of stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 17 04:34:57 EST 2003 | iman

wat angle of incline should the etched portion be? or am i missing something here?

reduce solder ball defect

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 11:21:57 EST 2002 | Hussman

It's all in the way you design your stencil.

Stencil Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 28 13:25:43 EST 2002 | Mike Konrad

Hi Dave, No-clean paste is more difficult to remove in post-reflow cleaning applications. In stencil, misprint and tool cleaning applications however, no-clean paste poses no extra degree of cleaning difficulty. There are few special requirement

Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Sun May 19 10:45:33 EDT 2002 | ab

From your stencil, if not clean, you can have residues, try increasing the frequency or using solvent with the wipe.


Electronics Forum | Wed May 08 09:15:26 EDT 2002 | pjc

Stencil Thickness, Squeegee Type (plastic/rubber vs. metal) and Squeegee Pressure.


Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 12 08:04:40 EDT 2002 | davef

Consider: * Searching the fine SMTnet Archives * Buying IPC-7525, Stencil Design Guidelines

UltraSonic cleaning machine

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 22 09:39:18 EDT 2002 | davef

To get started, search the fine SMTnet Archives for discussion on stencil cleaners.

UltraSonic cleaning machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 25 10:22:21 EDT 2002 | matt2138

UltraSonic cleaners do a good job of cleaning both stencils and misprint PCBs. Make sure the frequency that the machine comes set to is ok to use with both stencils and misprint PCBs. If you are a CM make sure your customers are ok with using the ul

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