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suggest whether we can place BGA without Bals on PCB after Print

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 05 13:00:27 EST 2009 | swag

The solder joints might hook up but my opinion is you'll end up with mechanically weak joints that could fail over time. If your trying to get your Xbox back on-line at home I'd try it but not if your charging $ to fix it for someone else or re-work

oil contaminated PCB cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 05 14:29:14 EST 2010 | kaz

the board in question is from Foba Laser Engraver, it's a surface contamination coming from.. everywhere, a lot of moving parts that are lubricated. I'm now studding chemicals that we may use for our kind of rework & cleaning. We may think of modifyi

QFN Rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 24 15:00:41 EST 2010 | wrongway

We just stencil the part not the pads if you stencil both then you probaly have to much paste the QFN will lift becuse of the center pad. if the question is screen the part or the pad our boards have parts so close to the QFN that stenciling the pcb

X-Ray Inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 04 07:19:37 EST 2010 | rajeshwara

Greetings, > > Can you recommend an X-Ray > inspection system and recommend which ones to > stay away from. > > Our use is for inspection of > BGAs after re-work and repair - very low > volume. > > Thanks Sparky_ We have glenbrook x-ray insp

Rework PCB's with coins

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 19 15:44:35 EDT 2010 | cisridn

Coins are sometimes used on PCB's with RF Power Field Effect Transistors. These boards are usually mounted in an housing. They provide a ground path for the transistor to the PCB and thermal path to the housing. The coins are usually made of aluminu

PCB Surface Question - Picture attached

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 24 00:03:20 EDT 2010 | boardhouse

Hi Itzik, it looks like you receive a board from your manufacture that they did solder mask rework on. it looks like they stripped tried to strip the mask off the board. Was this the only board that was like this or did the whole order look like th

Unusual solderability issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 15:53:27 EDT 2010 | dwonch

Ok, just to put closure on things I figured I should post the conclusion of this whole ordeal. We've acquired a new BGA rework station that allows us to get away without tenting our vias under the BGAs. This allowed us to change our PCB spec to rem

Multiple Resistor Rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 30 08:57:54 EDT 2010 | stevezeva

Hi Stephen, Once they've been soldered down, you're stuck with doing touch labor on each and every one. But you might be suprised how quickly this can be done with the right tools. Are they all the same value resistor? If so, that should make things

Multiple Resistor Rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 30 14:32:52 EDT 2010 | davef

Steve: Yes, you shall bake prior to thermal cycling. You should be able to download J-033 from JEDEC [ http://www.jedec.org/standards-documents ]. You want "Paragraph 4 Drying." While it's aimed a component parts and not assemblies, J-033 is as goo


Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 17:47:25 EST 2010 | ck_the_flip

1.) Are there any industry white papers written that document any advantages in running this alloy? From what I've read, this alloy was formulated to prevent leaching of silver for silver-bearing component terminations. 2.) Are there any concerns w

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