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Need Advice on SMT Pick&Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 06 11:14:04 EST 2005 | fastek

Correct Rob. All of those platforms are built by Yamaha in Japan. You cannot buy a Yamaha machine in The US.....must be Philips/Assembleon. Same scenario in Europe? Rick

Samsung SM320 VS Assembleon 8 head Opal XII

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 14 11:59:27 EST 2006 | Mike

Hello, we run the machine since january and produced severalthousand boards. We are really happy. The machine is easy to use and runs very reliable. Support is also excellent. Best Regards Erik


Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 08 10:14:17 EDT 2006 | larryw

Have you had you head splines inspected for dirt or contamination which would cause heads to stick? Make sure the your Splines are not bent; that they are clean, and last that your nozzle station is taught correctly. How often do you service you equi

Dover Coporation selling Vitronics Soltec

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 11:42:58 EDT 2006 | fastek

Let's play a game and see if anyone can guess the companies up for sale. My guess would be Universal and/or Assembleon. Did I win?

Comtra Belt Feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 16:41:53 EDT 2006 | flipit

This is from 1995/96 time frame. I believe they sold their business to Philips and now Assembleon. Good luck! Comtra Systems, Inc. 2585 North Fairview Ave. Roseville, MN 55113 612-633-4084 800-936-6286

Market share fo Panasonic, Fuji and Aseembleon

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 03 23:36:36 EST 2006 | lut

Hi Can any boady give the market share of panasonic, Fuji and assembleon pick and place machine. thank you

What to buy

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 06 20:00:53 EST 2007 | roddy

You cannot put these machines in a clean room enviornment, but if you must go with the MYdata a Philips Assembleon. They are easy to program and changeover a simple. Foot print should suit your needs. Where are you located?

What to buy

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 16 15:42:29 EDT 2007 | drt

If you go the Assembleon Route. Do yourself a favor and compare the Yamaha brand machines Specs and prices to see for yourself what value is being brought to the table.


Electronics Forum | Wed May 02 08:59:30 EDT 2007 | Mario

Hello, What could be the cause of the skewed mounted LXHL PW01 kinds of POWERLEDS? Is the bad recognition (although detected sucessfully)or the machine is uncalibrated? The machine used is Eclipse II from Assembleon. What workarounds can be made to

Assembleon Pick & Place

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 29 11:45:39 EDT 2007 | Ukeng

I assume that you are not that impressed with the platform then? From the lack information out there I assumed that either no one has one or there are no problems with them. Also anyone had experience with CLi feeders? Again, not much informatio

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