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Re: Serious stuff

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 19 12:14:22 EDT 1999 | Doug Nebel

OK folks, let's get real serious. Well, I shot off my big mouth yesterday during a scheduling meeting concerning DFM and rework. Again, what an irony, oxymoron, or that other thing. Anyway, I said it would take another 4 weeks to develop

Re: sm ic's

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 29 12:24:59 EDT 1999 | DLKearns

We are going to smt ic's on the component side of our pcb's. The problem is we are going to have to do this by hand. We have a hot air station and vac pencil, but How reliable is this process. We've tried it on proto's and had some sh

Re: BGA collapse during reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 12 12:39:39 EDT 1999 | M Cox

I need some advice concerning reflow of a BGA-292. Since I am not ready to change my entire process to no-clean, I decided to place the lone BGA-292 on a proto run using our BGA re-work station. The pcb is a moderately dense, single-sided, 8-laye

Re: Repair of SMT boards

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 05 07:23:20 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Where I can find some informations about repairing of SMT boards? Thanks Marcos Marcos: Ya know, repair is that "dirty little" part of the business that all try to ignore, don't want to fund properly, and creats more angst than propa

BGA repair/rework

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 06 10:25:55 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

I'm having a fun time between BGA rework/repair using an SRT 1000 and SPC efforts (much easier) using DEK stencil printing processes and BTU reflow with 6 Fuji lines in between. Concerning the BGA stuff, I'm getting about 60% success using this rewo

Re: Reliability of Reworked BGAs/CSPs

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 03 22:37:50 EST 1999 | Dave F

I'd like to find some technical papers on the reliability of reworked BGAs. If you know of any, please let me know. I have a concern about this because our current rework process does not apply solder paste to the pads prior to placing the pa

Re: Soldering Temperature

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 14 12:02:51 EDT 1998 | Ryan

What is the range of temperature at the tip of most soldering irons? I was told that 90% of tips operate at between 430 and 460 F. Can someone verify this for me? I need this info to recommend the proper soldering aids for repair and rework.

Re: Help me increase my first pass yields

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 05 13:06:14 EDT 1998 | Steve Schrader

If you could measure and chart 3 variables in my process, what would they be? The boards that I produce are on panels that are 12up and 2x4 up. All boards are single sided paper base w/o plated thru holes. They are on scored panels that measure

Re: Residue

Electronics Forum | Wed May 27 16:02:32 EDT 1998 | Chrys

We recently made the switch to no-clean and the wurface mount is turning out beautifully. However, the wave solder process continues to put up a fight; we are getting a white residue on the surface of the PCB. The residue is not localized to


Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 20 18:55:13 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

I have 3 A.P.EChipmaster SMD-1000 rework stations for sale.These are still being sold new. They are in like new condition. I also have 2 Champ SMD-1500 Precision Alignment/Placement Systems for Sale. Chipmaster SMD-1000 $900.00 Sold ne

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