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Re: Repair of SMT boards

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 05 07:23:20 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Where I can find some informations about repairing of SMT boards? Thanks Marcos Marcos: Ya know, repair is that "dirty little" part of the business that all try to ignore, don't want to fund properly, and creats more angst than propa

BGA repair/rework

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 06 10:25:55 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

I'm having a fun time between BGA rework/repair using an SRT 1000 and SPC efforts (much easier) using DEK stencil printing processes and BTU reflow with 6 Fuji lines in between. Concerning the BGA stuff, I'm getting about 60% success using this rewo

Re: Reliability of Reworked BGAs/CSPs

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 03 22:37:50 EST 1999 | Dave F

I'd like to find some technical papers on the reliability of reworked BGAs. If you know of any, please let me know. I have a concern about this because our current rework process does not apply solder paste to the pads prior to placing the pa

Re: Soldering Temperature

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 14 12:02:51 EDT 1998 | Ryan

What is the range of temperature at the tip of most soldering irons? I was told that 90% of tips operate at between 430 and 460 F. Can someone verify this for me? I need this info to recommend the proper soldering aids for repair and rework.

Re: Help me increase my first pass yields

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 05 13:06:14 EDT 1998 | Steve Schrader

If you could measure and chart 3 variables in my process, what would they be? The boards that I produce are on panels that are 12up and 2x4 up. All boards are single sided paper base w/o plated thru holes. They are on scored panels that measure

Re: Residue

Electronics Forum | Wed May 27 16:02:32 EDT 1998 | Chrys

We recently made the switch to no-clean and the wurface mount is turning out beautifully. However, the wave solder process continues to put up a fight; we are getting a white residue on the surface of the PCB. The residue is not localized to


Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 20 18:55:13 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

I have 3 A.P.EChipmaster SMD-1000 rework stations for sale.These are still being sold new. They are in like new condition. I also have 2 Champ SMD-1500 Precision Alignment/Placement Systems for Sale. Chipmaster SMD-1000 $900.00 Sold ne

BGA,s Storage

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 07 17:11:14 EST 2001 | davef

1 CAN WAVE SOLDER AFFECT OR DAMAGE BGA? Sure. Since you are vague, assuming: * Partially assembled board was not stored to prevent moisture absorption. * BGA is in a plastic package. * Partially assembled board was stored long enough to exceed th


Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 18 10:46:43 EDT 2003 | davef

If you are saying that you have discolored white tin at in-bound inspection, you have bad boards. The boards are fabricated incorrectly. Your fabricator is deficient. That is the GREAT thing about imm coatings. You can look at them and determine

Rework and repair system suggestions

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 27 06:39:59 EST 2005 | reash

For now, on this first board, we will be reworking components such as 0805 and 1210 size caps and resistors, along with SOT-23 and SC-70 size packages. We might eventually get into BGAs. This board will most likely be a double-sided board, probably

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