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Re: Heatsinks for surface mount devices - adhesive alternative!

Electronics Forum | Tue May 25 10:56:12 EDT 1999 | John Thorup

Can anyone steer me towards a supplier of heatsinks suitable for use on a PQFP 160. Before you shoot me down in flames, I know that I am not going to get much heat away from the die because of the plastic but the application is such that the bo

Boards coated in wax?

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 31 08:45:33 EDT 2001 | 0704494250

Hey peoples, We are working with the dairy > industry out here and they asked us to start > reworking all there boards for them. Of course we > said yes, hehe. Only we didn't know what them > farmers coated them boards with. It turned out to

Re: bga's-with/without solderpaste????

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 05:10:34 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

Which is the preferred method for soldering a bga, adding solder paste or not? Solderpaste manufacturers say to add solder while the rework station manufacturer's say it's not necessary. Paste is preferred by not necessary. Our studies, conduct

BGA rework: Coplanarity of Xilinx before and after reflow.

Electronics Forum | Mon May 16 22:59:40 EDT 2005 | davef

We believe your problem is caused by the mismatch in CTE of the material ised in your BGA. In fact, this "potato chipping" [where the corners curl-up] is present in all BGA. The issue is the matter of degree. [Mismatching CTE is how old thermostats

Assemby of flexible printed circuits

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 15:40:56 EDT 2012 | davef

Here's some notes from a Bob Willis presentation Assembly of Flexible Circuits with Lead-Free Solder Alloy [Bob Willis leadfreesoldering.com] * Flexible Circuit Construction ** Base Material - 0.05mm Copper 18/18 um ESPANEX from Holders Technologies

QFN welding problem by reflux oven 10 zones

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 11 13:22:22 EST 2020 | rgduval

Sebas, I suspect that your finding of needing the fillet for the card to work is a false finding. One that I dealt with for many years in assembly. As a bottom terminated device, a fillet to the side terminals of the device is not required. Adequ

Re: HAL vs. Silver Coated

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 10 09:01:44 EST 2000 | Wolfgang Busko

Hi John, we had one shot with silver coated PCBs. With "no clean" and no changes in process parameters ( we had no input on necessary changes from the boardhouse ) we encountered wetting problems in the first reflow soldering process. Later it was s

Re: Rework Equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 07 21:14:46 EST 2000 | Doug Kennedy

Russ, I don't understand this thread in general...Got three APE Chipmaster's and one Chipper running 24/7 and have never had a problem....it's been almost three years. What are you doing with your Chipmaster? What chips? It's rare that we hav

Re: Rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 10 09:46:48 EST 2000 | Casey Scheu

Erick, I would love to see a demo; the offer is also extended to you. I checked out your web site, are you talking about the unit located at " http://www.vitechnology.com/products/ls100_1.htm"? I must say your systems looks very impressive, and e

Re: Rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 10 14:15:11 EST 2000 | Doug Kennedy

Russ, I still don't understand where you're coming from! The chipmaster is a closed loop system...it has a thermal couple. Also, I've got profiles on mine! If you're having problems with a loose nozzle just tighten the four set screws in the bl

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