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SMT Production Work Cart

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 17:18:34 EDT 2001 | ohanlon

DEK has a portable Printer caddy that holds five 29 X 29 stencils. It also has a place to store Squeegees and a stainless steel top for clean up. If you go to their website DEK.com under their "screen & stencils" section you can read about it.


Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 21:49:29 EDT 2001 | davef

SCREENING... 1. Is type 4 paste necessarily required? [No, not unless you are using it for some other purpose.] 2. Is No-Clean Ok to use? [YES] 3. How thin stencil is required? 5 mils? [5 is OK, but I wouldn�t base the decision on the 0201. 6 mil is

Stencil cleanliness and inspection

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 14:38:55 EDT 2001 | pteerink

You would be better served to check your print quality as you run. Any problems caused by dirty stencils ( plugged aps etc ) would show up right away as a defect. Search the forum for more on this subject. I seem to recall the same subject coming up

BGA .75mm Real World Experience

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 31 10:41:49 EDT 2001 | ronho

I'm interested in process information from someone who has experience with this package, such as pad design, stencil aperture dimensions, stencil thickness, unique issues, profiling, solder paste. Design is considering this package for future produc

SMT Additive Process

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 25 17:47:01 EST 2000 | Dennis VanBuren

We are integrating an "Additive Process" on one of our boards - incorporating numerous mod wires, cuts, and new component placements. Some of the new runs pass next to fine pitch devices and will require stencil modifications to accommodate the Addit

Re: Stencil Aperture Reduction Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 10:47:57 EST 1999 | Christopher Lampron

I agree with Wolfgang. We are currently reducing appertures by approx. 10% even on the chip components. This still gives us an adequate fillet volume and very greatly reduces the probability of solder balling/beading. We generally refer to the manufa

Re: Stencil Aperture Reduction Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 15:55:05 EST 1999 | Mike Naddra

As a general guidline I would agree with a 10% aperature reduction on chip caps , resistors, and fine pitch provided correct land geometries. When soldering to HASL surface finishes. Three things you may want to consider ; the stencil thickness, the

Re: Stencil Aperture Reduction Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 24 04:22:11 EST 1999 | Keith Stone

When you get to fine pitch you might want to try reducing the aperture on the long dimension of the pad only. If you reduce the width of the pad you can get solder paste left in the stencil giving insufficient or unsoldered joints. Reducing the lengt

Re: Info. on Stencil cleaners

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 03 15:38:13 EST 1999 | DaveH

Jason, Something which has not been addressed in the responses so far is the system which utilizes high volume (flow rate of chemistry over the product), versus high pressure, which indeed has the potential to damage very fine webs on fine pitch sten

Re: 0603 Solder Beads

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 16:41:58 EST 1999 | Robert Culpepper

Hello Mark, I can�t provide any hands on feedback with 0402 packages but we are using a no clean process with 0603 devices. Here are some parameters which will affect solder balling. Stencil thickness, aperture size, paste viscosity, snap off and bot

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