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Stencil Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 26 21:02:48 EST 2002 | Mike Konrad

There are two basic technologies to choose from: 1. Ultrasonic 2. Spray-in-air Makers of ultrasonic stencils include: Aqueous Technologies (that�s us): http://www.aqueoustech.com PMR: http://www.pmrsystems.com JNJ Industries: http://www.jnj-

Screenprinting Adhesives

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 12 13:22:49 EDT 2002 | mikecollier

I am currently exploring the option of screenprinting chipbonder for backside devices, mostly passives, 0603 and up. Does anyone have any experience with this? What are the pros/cons? What are the stencil design considerations? What about blades,

Temporary Stencil for MPC555 PBGA

Electronics Forum | Mon May 27 18:16:28 EDT 2002 | Carol Stirling

Hi, I'm looking for Temporary Stencils to assist placement using a Sniper Rework Station. The PBGA is a MPC555 Motorola with 272 pins. The ball map shows 4 populated outer rows, then 16 balls in the centre of an open, unpopulated area. Could I g

Glue & Paste Printing on Same side of the PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 08 15:16:03 EDT 2002 | OhioD

A "Pumpprint" stencil refers to a thick DEK stencil with pockets routed-out on the underside, so it will clear any THT leads, paste/glue deposits, etc., and not squish them. It's called pummprint because it was developed to use the ProFlow-type head


Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 06 22:20:32 EDT 2002 | Computer

Hi , I am currently faced with a problem with the via hole on the component pad. The customer does not allow plugging of the hole and enlarging the stencil pad hole size or thicker stencil size may cause bridging to the component next to it.

AlphaMetal WS1208

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 27 08:12:35 EDT 2002 | jmaruska

Do you have some experience with solder paste WS1208. What is the "best" conditions for printing process? I mean type of stencil, apertures, squeegee. Do you have original data sheet of this solder paste? - life time, working time on the stencil, sh

OSP / Paste Printing Problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 29 13:03:13 EDT 2002 | lysik

You have may have already checked this but verify stencil design (aspect ratio) and make sure you are using the correct paste (mesh size) Also look at perint pressure. up to 2 lbs per inch of blade used. You may also want to use a slow break away whe

Reusing Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 13 14:21:49 EDT 2002 | blnorman

Run a test, but in our experience, yes you can reuse the paste. We ran tests on paste that was left on the stencil at the end of second shift, we put the paste back on the stencil the next day on first shift with no problems. You definitely want to

Fine pitch paste release problems.

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 16 21:34:05 EST 2002 | grantp

Hi, Yes, the stencil does touch the PCB. Is there another method? Sorry to sound a bit dumb on that, however I don't have a lot of experience with automated stencil printing, and manual has been working well up to now with this BGA. Regards, Gra

Fine pitch paste release problems.

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 18 01:37:39 EST 2002 | Steve

I dont know what kind of screener you use but my 1st impression is that the board and stencil are separating too fast,the paste doesn't have enough surface tension to stay on the board, you're tearing the paste off the board. If you can, slow down th

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