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Kester paste problems

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 12:27:04 EDT 2007 | cyber_wolf

I would consider calling Kester and telling them they need to send their people out. I could not really see mesh size being an issue on anything 20mil and above. There are several other issues that can cause aperture clogging as well...: Incorrect

BGA Aperture

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 23 11:41:34 EDT 2007 | grantp

Hi, We use 1:1 for 1 mm BGA and it works fine. We used it at 4 thou laser cut stencils when we had a manual stencil printer, but have moved to 5 thou with the DEK and it works ok. We originally went to 4 thou because of paste release, but the DEK

SMT Stencil washer machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 13 12:47:03 EDT 2007 | bschreiber

There are many threads regarding stencil cleaners. Here is a recent one: http://www.smtnet.com//forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_thread&CFApp=1&Thread_ID=10557&#Message42748 Regards, Bill Schreiber Smart Sonic Corporation E-mail: Bill@SmartSonic.

132 QFN footprint

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 03 10:50:47 EDT 2007 | kissanepat1

A suggestion for your stencil which works is as follows. Cut your stencil aperatures beyond your pads to a length of 0.1mm , this then allows the paste to pull back into the pad creating a blob of solder which can be inspected by AOI.Best length and

SMT before through-hole

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 14 10:51:18 EDT 2007 | erhard

standard procedure for this would be to solder SMDs on the bottom side and the LEDs all at once on the wave - if the layout is ok for the wave. You would have to glue the SMD components, for this you would have to use a glue dispenser or a special hi

SMT before through-hole

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 14 16:50:43 EDT 2007 | rgduval

I see...said the blind man. If you've got the LED's on one side, and the SMT on the other...and you have the clearance, I'd go with the previous suggestion of gluing the SMT, and waving the whole assembly... As for stenciling....use a glue dispense

castellated lead aperture design

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 28 08:32:47 EDT 2007 | davef

With a 7 thou stencil, we'd go 1 to 1. So for a more typical 6 thou stencil, we'd bump the aperture area by 1.15, maybe 1.2. We make no distinctions between 'innies' and 'outies'. Are you talking about castellations on land grid devices [ie, BCC�, L

QFN soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 09 10:37:38 EST 2007 | devajj

We have started using QFN packages in large volume and are having problems with no-solders. We are using 6mil stencil with 1x1 paste print to pad. These also have thermal pads with thru vias that we reduce the stencil aperture by 1/4. Board also ha

Epoxy on bottom of SMT component

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 26 22:05:34 EST 2007 | shy

currently i'm open my stencil aperture is 80% from the land pattern. is this will cause insufficient solder at the terminal component or not? the stencil thichness is 6mil and the board run using SMT pallet which i consider there will be no option f

Fiducial replacements?

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 30 23:28:54 EST 2007 | mika

BTW, Option 6. Bear in mind though, In the stencil printer if you run into a problem like this, it will not work with the holes...Only what's in the stencil... We have under some rare circumstances used 1-2 pad's on opposite corners and on very large

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