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Bottom side adheasive

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 10 07:47:16 EST 2008 | benefon

If you find the correct type of adhesive/needle size then dispensing certainly is no problem. With a footed needle a very repeatable process too. Much more flexible than stencil printing and no need to mess around with stencil cleaning. But with auge

Solventless Under Stencil Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 06:48:34 EST 2009 | muarty

Has anyone any experience of using completely dry under stencil cleaning. I have recently been sent some information regarding Micro�Wipe� FP cleaning rolls. The claims about their performance are pretty good, but then what are they like in reality?

Solventless Under Stencil Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 08:00:30 EST 2009 | milroy

Hi, It depends on the stencil thickness, aperture size and the component footprint. For exampl if you have a PCB with QFP,CSP,QFN & BGA parts then this underwiper is not useable because you will still find solder cream deposits in the apertures aft

Stencil design (maybe old) question...

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 05 02:34:05 EST 2009 | sachu_70

Hi Manuel, most passives are chip components. These tend to self-center/align during the reflow process. However, you need to ensure that there is a uniform balanced solder paste deposit. I had tried few such ovals in earlier stencil designs and resu

High complex board manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 02 10:23:46 EST 2009 | wrongway

You may need a glue despinser if you populate bottom side then wave. maybe a board deatacker at front of the line how about a multifunction pick and place machine so you can process all parts out there. we cleaned our stencils for years then we got a

Solder paste process

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 23 21:07:09 EDT 2009 | luismolinero

Emilio: Several factors you need to take into account and your process parameters will depend on: Solder Alloy, Is there any Fine Pitch?; BGA?; Smaller chip size?. Tipically you should go for controls in: Solder Temperature and viscosity; blade and s

Solder paste process

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 30 12:59:16 EDT 2009 | realchunks

I have run design of experiments on screen printers and most times people forget about the type of board you are running; the condition of the board; manufacturer of the paste as I have seen Type 4 no-clean no-lead pastes react very differently using

Equipments required for making SMD PCB's

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 11:15:12 EDT 2009 | davef

Here on SMTnet, we've talked about using toaster ovens to reflow solder paste previously. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for more. Here's a clip from one of those threads: Look here: http://www.pcbexpress.com/stencils/stencil_article_page1.htm

SMT Stencil Printer upgrade worth the cost?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 27 12:34:05 EDT 2009 | dpeebles

We have an inline MPM 25 HiE with 2D inspection. We are needing to put in a 2nd line. We have ordered another identical used stencil printer but are wondering if we should upgrade to a newer machine with 3D inspection, automated paste, etc. Will

Stencil Cleaners- Sn/Pb & Pb Free

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 31 09:55:09 EDT 2009 | pjc

What is the common practice for cleaning Tin/Lead and Lead Free solderpaste on stencils- some machines have filtration I'm told, so its not an issue according to the mfrs. On machines that don't have filtration do you run one after the other? Do you

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