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Isolating QFN Ground

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 15 18:44:34 EDT 2013 | anvil1021

We will try both the solder mask and the .001" Kapton and see where we end up with each. This is a fine pitch dual row QFN and we cannot afford too much paste on the .004" stencil we are using. We have experienced shorting in the past with .005" sten

Paste printing fine pitch components

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 18 08:54:18 EDT 2013 | emeto

Hege, the Nano coating goes on the opposite of the squeegee side of the stencil. I don't know if the cleaning paper is able to remove it little by little with the time, but I never refreshed my stencils with Nano coating and they work just fine. How

Kapton Stencils for Prototyping

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 07 15:57:32 EST 2014 | jdengler

We have used the Stencilquik™ BGA Stencils from the same supplier to attach some LGA's for a prototype run. We were able to get a few different thicknesses to see which worked best. They worked very well for that limited application. We did not tr

PIHR... what do you think...?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 12 11:11:45 EDT 2014 | emeto

What you need here is a double print process. You should have 5mil stencil for SMT followed by a 10-15mil stencil for TH. I don't know what quantities you are running or do you have the capability to add another printer in the line, but that would be

Stencil lead contamination test

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 20 16:26:59 EST 2015 | emeto

There are a lot of lead testers out there. Just google it. I personally don't think you will find anything wrong, but for the pleasure of your customers buy one and prove it. I would also check the lead on the squeegees of your stencil printers and t

Alpha tetra bond stencils vs Vigon SC200

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 05 07:00:31 EDT 2015 | vitrost

After washing a tetra bond stencil at PBT machine (Vigon SC200, 50 deg Celsius by 20 minutes) some signs of glue degradation were seen. Does anybody have an experience washing tetra bond in Vigon? What temperature regime is preferable? Thanks

PCB Panel Share

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 25 19:08:44 EDT 2015 | jc_smith

Hi everyone! I'm needing a 4 layer board for a DIY project. A friend recommended me to try with PCB Unlimited, since they are giving to students a professional stainless steel stencil for free with buying one of their PCB panel share. Has anyone prov

Best Jet Printer? MY600?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 20 22:27:40 EST 2016 | billthebuilder

We are looking at getting a Mycronic MY600 jet printer or an auto stencil printer. We do low volume, high mix, fast turnaround assembly. Can anyone share their experience with the MY600? Is there any competitors to the MY600 on the market? I'd app

Best Jet Printer? MY600?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 13:15:41 EST 2016 | cyber_wolf

You can buy an awful lot of stencils for 200K. Unless you are running "special case" products I'm not sure how the cost can be justified. We get our stencils next day with no added charge. The MY600 must use specified paste chemistries that are no

Stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri May 13 10:13:24 EDT 2016 | esoderberg

Have used a Pressure Products N29 stencil cleaner for many years with outstanding results. The fluid is Zestron Vigon SC200. Tank holds 14 gallons that lasts for 1 year providing that you change the filters every month and makeup the fluid evaporatio

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