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Sudden paste release problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 21:41:49 EST 2005 | Grant

Hi, We have been running the same stencils for about a year, 5 thou thick, 1-mm pitch BGA's and every-things been ok, but then suddenly over the last week, 2 different products have had paste release issues with the BGA. It's odd because nothings c

Tombstoning issues!!!

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 14 19:26:35 EDT 2008 | diesel_1t

Update: Recently, we ran a (old) product on which they made a new stencil, appertures 1-1 on 0603. As soon as they began to run, tombstones appear. I went to trashcan to rescue old stencil, and noticed that pads came with a "c" shape reduction, I as

LGa soldering issues......

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 12:06:44 EDT 2009 | clampron

Good Morning, I have been struggling with this part for some time now. I have to agree that whoever designed this part, did not have to manufacture with it. We have advanced to a point where they have a acceptable yield but I believe that will be hi

Aligning camera on the MPM AP25

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 25 20:20:22 EDT 2011 | johnyq

We recently aquired an old MPM-AP25 stencil printer that printed paste with a large error (about .060 inches). I concluded camera alignment to be the cause but was surprised by the magnitude. I found the camera beam splitter prism misaligned and loos

Looking for some help with Samtec SEAM-GP mounting

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 28 17:15:46 EDT 2014 | grayboard

Hello, I am looking into the use of a Samtec SEAM-50-02.0-L-10-2-A-GP-K-TR on a board. Is anyone around who has experience with this component? Specifically, we are looking for design advice for stenciling and soldering. The component is a sold

Cleaning Machine and Chemistry

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 19 11:36:39 EST 2001 | billschreiber

Hello Mark, I wish it were that simple so I could direct you to a particular manufacturer and stencil cleaner model. Unfortunately, there are several issues complicating the process of cleaning all these applications in one machine. First and fore

Re: Aperture Reduction for QFP (fine pitch)

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 22 21:12:16 EDT 1999 | se

My stencil thickness is 6 mil and we got qfp's with fine pitch. how many percent should i reduce my stencil aperture using a 6 mil stencil for 0.5 mm pitch and 0.4 mm pitch ? thanks We use 6 mil lasercu

Air Moisture in Production

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 11:26:04 EST 2010 | davef

3 Printer Area Conditions * As stated earlier, heat and humidity are damaging to solder paste. Ideally, the printing area should be maintained at 40% - 50% relative humidity and 72°- 80°F (22-26°C). In addition, no air (cool or warm) should blow dire

Stencil cleaners.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 13:37:35 EDT 2006 | carln

Here is something I copied from Circuitnet.com. This appears to answer your question and then some... http://www.circuitnet.com/experts/ Ask the Experts Jul 17, 2006 What type of cleaner method is preferred for lead-free stencils? What type of s

Re: BGA Repair Problems

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 17 02:50:44 EDT 1998 | Bob Willis

Have an SRT w/preheat, 18 layer board all copper, 456 BGA needs to be removed and replaced. The manufacturer is Chip Express and during reflow it warps up or down. Causing either opens or shorts on the corners. I was using gel flux with multiple

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