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Solder bridging on one corner of BGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 16 22:57:52 EST 2008 | amarpreet41

Any one got experience on handling solder bridging under one corner of BGA?

How to measure dimensions in gc prevue?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 03 03:24:03 EDT 2015 | leeg

What positions do you need to measure? Pad to Pad or corner to corner?

Posting to the Admin Corner

Electronics Forum | Wed May 31 10:44:31 EDT 2000 | Neil Peaslee

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BGA with gold corner / reflow problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 11:06:35 EDT 2003 | James

Does anyone else have the same problem with BGAs that have a gold corner. It looks like the area where the gold corner is, it does not want to reflow proberly but the rest of the BGA reflows fine. Any suggestions????

BGA Corner

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 13 12:21:50 EDT 2011 | jimby56

Try putting a .010" shim under each corner during rework reflow. This will keep corner balls from shorting out.

Re: Land Pattern Design for PLCC's, QFP's etc... in Full Radius Corners

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 21 16:25:23 EST 2000 | Boca

Full radius corners on pads can help with solder paste release in the stencil. The radius shape minimizes the surface area in the wall of the stencil aperture as compared to a sharp corners. When the stencil is seperating from the pcb the solder pa


Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 10:37:14 EDT 2001 | davef

If you heat a BGA too quickly, the corners of the device will curl towards the ceiling [potato chip], because they come to temperature faster that other areas. Adding to this, thinner substrates tend to potato chip more and faster than thicker subst

Admin corner, please

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 15 09:15:16 EDT 1999 | Clifford Peaslee

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BGA chip corner epoxy / adhesive?

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 06 21:59:37 EST 2006 | SMTrework

Hello, we rework BGA packages that come back from the field. I've seen on occasion a black and or red "epoxy" substance from the manufacturer on the corner of some board's BGA chips that I imagine are applied to increase corner bond of the chip to th

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