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Screen Printing Adhesive on Mixed Technology Boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 19 20:10:49 EST 2001 | davef

We print glue with a thick stencil on one product. Although it works �correctly�, we don�t like it because the process flow is goofy. So on a high mix line, it ends-up being a burden. Also, there is no rocket science behind making the stencils for


Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 23 14:47:35 EST 2001 | kgroen

Some comments on the previous post: Be careful when looking at the proportion of SMT defects that are solder defects - you may very well find that only a small few of them originate at the screen printing step. As for specification limits for pas

Solder Paste Inspection Criteria

Electronics Forum | Mon May 06 12:44:50 EDT 2002 | Bob Willis

The SMART Group is starting a new project on PPM Monitoring which will be providing average PPM yield data per month free to the industry. I would like to get feedback or exchange criteria for paste printing as non exists with in IPC or similar organ

Most common BGA types

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 01 16:19:35 EDT 2002 | dragonslayr

Hello all- I am am seeking information to the top 100 BGA grid patterns. I am planning to have a full sheet of stencil foil populated with these most common types. I will cut out the individual grid patterns and create my own mini stencils. In a 27

Solder Wetting Problems, Need Referee's

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 11:56:12 EDT 2005 | chunks

Hi Matt, Get definitive answers! Contamination on the HASL finish?: From the pix you posted, it looks like something fishy is going on. I�d reject them back to the board house and demand an answer. Most board houses and purchasing people will g

Solder Paste Inspection Systems

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 12:53:58 EST 2008 | tonyamenson

In approximately one month I am installing 2D at our DEK print station. We are going with the basic (cheap) software options and 2D camera. After it is up and running we will determine if it is indeed useful. At that point we will decide on the adva

Miss Prints

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 04 13:03:05 EDT 2008 | realchunks

Some use small cleaners but I have always used the stencil washer. Most stencil washers come with a basket of some kind of board holder (or via holder - depending on how technical you want to get). Buying a stencil cleaner is hard to justify just f

Solder paste process

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 26 08:36:55 EDT 2009 | davef

First, in direct answer to your question, DOE printer setup variables (MPM): * Squeegee speed: 0.5 to 1.0 in/sec * Pressure (metal): 1lb/in of blade * Pressure (plastic): 1.6-3 lb/in Second, supprting earlier responses, most people monitor paste hei

PCB stretch

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 07 15:18:45 EDT 2017 | emeto

Tony, I will throw some thoughts here: 1. When we speak about shrink/stretch i start thinking about temperature right away. How do you store PCBs and or Stencils? Is your stencil getting hot or cold in the stencil printer? Are the boards on a room

Re: Stencil for 10 mils IC

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 15 11:00:35 EST 2000 | Finepitch Services

"depending on your pad design"... To me, Wolfgang gave you the biggest secret... I guess he meant the real pad width you get on your board is the start point. Get the average measurement in mils and then cut it from the sides at the percentages he h

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