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Re: Tin-oxide deposits

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 17 14:40:04 EDT 2000 | Glenn Robertson

Jason - I have only one thing to add to Dave's excellent (as usual) information. Some time back we had a similar problem and we removed the dross bits with a soldering iron and solder wick. Yes, it's tedious and you have to look closely to be

Re: Staking wires??

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 11 10:10:55 EDT 2000 | John Thorup

Low static Kapton dots are available from Shercon (www.shercon.com) and through many distributors like com-kyl. Purpose specific dots are available from Circuit Technology Center as TD-250 Tape Dots. (www.circuittechcenter.com). Consider also The Pr

Tinning gold plated leads ( DIP, etc)

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 20 09:24:38 EST 2000 | John Sipper

1. Spec references for max allowable untinned gold near glass seal and case body? 2. Low cost mechanical dip system to facilitate tinning of DIP parts. (Low volume; currently using hand solder iron techniques to allow for max coverage without bridg

Re: Pyroelectric Sensors

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 20 08:50:47 EST 2000 | Dave F

Scott: Pyros don't like to be heated, so soldering should be done as quickly as possible. Other tips are: * Keep pyro leads long. * Apply solder to the ends of leads. * Heatsink the lead, while soldering by holding the lead with a pair of pliers

Contract Manufacturer's warranty policy

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 19 12:57:27 EST 2001 | davef

What no box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts with each delivery? ;-) Could we have the number for one of your sales types? We're thinking about contacting-out our dog boards. ;-) Cereally, your intuition is correct. Your sales types don't know what th

Cracked SMT Capacitors

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 13 16:13:54 EDT 2001 | Igmar

Have anyone seen this problem: Capacitors (100nF 0805) placed on PCB and then appear cracked after reflow. After reflow, the solder joints look visualy acceptable. Then capacitors fail during testing. When attempting to remove capacitor with hot sol

Wire for PCB modifications

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 21:43:17 EDT 2001 | davef

I know this isn't what yer asking about, but this stuff is so coo [http://www.intertronics.co.uk/products/cpreleg.htm]. We just screw a U shaped tip on the iron and go!!! Preleg Inc [Rework wire # 210302] 524 Paul Morris Ave., Ste. E Englewood, FL

Re: Preleg Wire (30 Awg)

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 30 21:38:17 EST 1999 | Dave F

Judy: There's no spec. I think you need to define a minimum requirement (1 tack per inch is OK) for your purposes. Check the guidelines on http://www.circuitnet.com/ for more back ground. We just drag the tacking iron along the wire. It's faster

Re: Solder Iron Temp.

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 07 03:52:50 EDT 1999 | Wolfgang Busko

My company is starting a prototype. The chips that will be used appear to be very sensitive. The vendor part number is Neta-40-2. My question is what solder temp should be used for this part? Any advice is appreciated. THX. If you�re un


Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 01:03:28 EDT 1999 | KYUNG SAM PARK

HI Earl Thank you for your answer. Let me know you about the hot you mentioned First of all, The rework machine is the BGA3500 manufactured by 0.k international ] ��DESOLDERING HEAT ��IRON TIP TEMP : 350-370��(MEASURED) ��REBALLING

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