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Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 11 08:49:34 EDT 2001 | bdoyle

The search function will go back about a year or so on the forum. The project to get the rest of the achives back online had been sidetracked but is now on the project roster and should be completed in the next few weeks.

Re: I'm baaack!

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 22 16:03:10 EDT 1999 | Cunli Jia

Earl, Glad to have you back! We hoped you would return but did not expect you to give up a Mexican excursion for the Forum. Again welcome back. Cunli

Re: lost

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 08 21:29:38 EST 1999 | Clifford Peaslee @ SMTnet

Earl, I took a look for it, and there isn't a message recorded, that isn't already listed. Sorry about the loss. Sometimes you can recover by pressing the browser's back button until you get back to the original form with the information you typed i

Placement machine for back-plans

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 16 04:43:28 EDT 1998 | Michael Fogel

Does anybody knows of a used placement machine that can handle boards (Back-plans) of 650mmL x 550mmW with placement area of 500mm x 540mm ?


Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 16:36:09 EDT 1998 | Ben Salisbury

I just need to know if anyone else is experiencing this. The banners at the top of the screen are causing interference with my back button. it seems as though each time the banner changes, It's also adding one more step in my history, so when I hit b

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 30 09:13:30 EDT 2003 | pjc

Yes, there is a limitation with Transmission X-ray on double-side SMT boards, ie.: back-to-back solder joints, components on bttom side over a solder joint.


Electronics Forum | Mon May 10 13:15:34 EDT 2004 | ccleland

Purex makes a system for air filtration of aqueous washers. I believe the only fully self contained system available. It returns all cleaning solution back to the cleaner and exhausts clean dry air back to the room. You can contact Dick Wilson at Pur

Repair of Qsp2 driver boards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 21 16:21:19 EDT 2004 | bobpan

Steve, We sent them back to the manufacturer and 'if' they are repairable they will repair them for a minimal cost...haha... and send them back to you. Have fun....

Backing up GSM - Segment Repair importance...

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 21:38:40 EST 2005 | pmd

You do not need to back up segrep. This is only used for boards currently on the machine whenever the machine encounters a palm down or soft stop. It only contains what is mounted and or not mounted on that board. No System infomation is contained in

Board Spacing

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 20 11:56:07 EDT 2005 | russ

Depends on the oven I have found, I had one oven that required about an entire zone for spacing while another I found that I could put them in back to back with minimal or no spacing.

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