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Re: Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 04 07:46:03 EDT 2000 | Donnie

Neil, We currently use only visual inspection with a magnified lamp and actually brush the board after the wave process to help knock off any solder balls. You wanna use an ESD sensitive brush material. Camel hair is what we use. It works real wel

cleaning NO clean

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 26 13:35:28 EDT 2002 | jersbo

Thanks to everyone who posted! I did get the boards clean and it worked well I used AIMTERGE 520A about 5% in HOT water.. I soaked for 10 minutes used a brush(handscrubber type)to loosen the residue. For the fine pitch I used a fine bristled small

Conformal coat training

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 06 18:27:18 EST 2002 | MikeF

At this time we will be hand spraying acrylic, probably using spray cans until we decide on a spray gun or an air brush, and get one ordered. Our volume is too low to even consider an automated system. Our current requirement is on an item designed

Dip Soldering Advice

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 10:19:27 EST 2005 | James

Can I dip the populated board in flux and achieve good results? Also how easy is it to clean the flux off the board afterwards if it is waterbased? Do you simply brush the board with a damp brush or spray some remover on the board? I also have this q

silicone conformal coat and electrical contacts

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 17:01:34 EST 2007 | rw

I'm not that concerned about the solderability of the motor. Our customer is concerned about the outgassing of the conformal coat effecting the motor brushes. Silicone will break down into SiO2 and SiC will result from a spark between the brushes a

Aqueous Cleaning PCB's with Potentiometers

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 29 13:43:34 EDT 2008 | arminski

THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY GUYS... more background... solder paste is Water Soluble. We mask the potentiometers prior to aqeous washing using solder mask, then our operator brush the solder joints with IPA after the Wash Process...I'm concerned about th

Pogo Contamination

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 14 10:54:21 EDT 2008 | diesel_1t

Comments are: * Link you posted to your brush > actually connects to a general catalog page. * > Not sure what solders your friend was using, but > pastes leave different residues that affect > probing. Some are soft and gooey, others are hard >

Pogo Contamination

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 19 03:20:39 EDT 2008 | dlocampo

Basically, Brushing the pogo pins with dry anti-static brush will help but, cleaning it using solvents is not that advisable because it only leaves some residue that will further cause contact problems. Looking at the picture it seems that the UUT's

Motherboard become NO POST when humidity increase to 90%

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 20 09:07:43 EST 2009 | Sean

Hi all, Another thing that I would like to discuss here is that I used to come across few reports that mention about the flux residue has great impact on the PCBA impedance, especially when everything become smaller and smaller...I mean, when mother

Table top conformal coatings systems

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 24 08:02:22 EST 2012 | cobham1

Our production runs normally are 20 piece builds. We don't what to brush because of the brush marks left behind. Reason we wanted a machine is more control then dipping with a tub and modified paper clips. The other problem we have is the company as

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