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Simple conformal coating machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 14 09:40:59 EDT 2015 | jvalverde

Hello, I want to make a simple conformal coating machine, I think in a Cartesian robot with MACH3 software. My questions are about the G-Code for the program (the software to design: % open/close nozzle, the paths (trajectory), import the pcb fi

Problem with conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 17 10:33:53 EST 2005 | Frank R.

I use conformal coating DYMAX #984-LVUF and I don't know if it's a problem of viscosity but 0805 components are not covered properly. We use a dispensor to applied it and we cured it by UV. Even if I apply a thicker layer, the coating seems to have

PCB conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 02:46:44 EDT 2008 | tang

Hi Guys, I have few question would like to ask regarding pcb conformal coating: 1. Can I know which masking material is the best for easy apply, fast cure, fast & easy to remove after coating & baking. And no chemical reaction which will whiten the

Problem with conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 09:23:34 EST 2005 | sforman1

Some UV cure coatings do not have the correct rheology for sticking to small sharp corners. 984 is one of them. MicroCoat Technologies, Allen, TX makes one that works every time.

UV cure conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 30 14:51:19 EST 2005 | Cmiller

We are looking at switching to UV cure for faster throughput. Does anyone know of any cost effective coating manufacturers? The pricing we are getting back are around $250.00 a gallon in 5 gal pails. This is more than twice what we pay for our curren

AVR80 BA conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 10:23:03 EST 2015 | rgduval

I haven't used this particular CC, but...found this in their data sheet: "AVR 80 BA Conformal Coating will be touch dry after 15 - 20 minutes at room temperature and does not require a thermal cure. The full properties of the coating will be obtaine

Problem with conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 23 06:05:24 EST 2006 | 1B73

The solid content of 1B73 is too low, especiall when you add large amount of thinner, not easy to get enough coating thickness.

PCB conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 03 17:29:42 EDT 2008 | mikesewell

Re: item 3 - there are ultrasonic thickness machines (Panametrics makes one) that can measure coating dry with a small transducer head. A little pricey for ones that measure reliably in the .003" +/- .002" range.

AVR80 BA conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 10:59:24 EST 2015 | jpierre

Hi first DS65 version is a specific dilution for dispensing machine, in this case the typical process is following: application of the conformal coating extraction of solvent (low extraction power is better)2minutes and drying the drying can be done

Problem with conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 10:01:00 EST 2005 | frankracine

Dave, Few questions concerning your Umiseal 1B73. To cure your Acrylic coating do you respect specification ( 2Hrs-170degree F) or you go faster than that? What do you use to cure it? Do you have to clean your nozzles each day or each monday beca

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