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What caused this reflow issue?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 19:23:52 EDT 2008 | molos21

I think you are close to the problem when you expect the pcb having a problem. When I look at your different pics I saw that your via holes looks like this pcb has a hasl finish... and when i look at Q 14 this picture tells me that the pcb is not an

Help required selecting reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 03 10:50:06 EDT 2019 | rgduval

An 8 zone oven will give you better thermal control over the whole process. It's useful for lead-free soldering, or for boards with varying thermal loads/shadowing, etc. You can make a 5 zone work for lead free, provided the boards don't have signi

Poor reflow over gold plating

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 18:20:49 EDT 2005 | russ

Matt, have you run a profile on this board? Just because it's .062" doesn't mean that any old .062" profile will work. We have .062" thick boards that almost nil for copper and other are utilizing 2 oz. layers internally. They require quite diffe

Re: BGA problem: open after reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 07 10:25:19 EST 2000 | Thomas Ballhausen

Thank you for your kind contribution and efforts in helping me. I just found out we have been talking different units; my microns were micro meter ...? So, let me get things right now: the substrate supplier confirmed the following data: Cu foil +

PCB Pad become brownish after IR reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 17 04:48:51 EDT 2009 | grahamcooper22

The colour you see on the pads is tin/copper intermetallic layer. In your reflow the immersion tin coating and the copper pad underneath react to form in intermetalic layer. The effect is worse the hotter the pcb or area of the pcb gets. In IR reflow

Re: BGA problem: open after reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 17:43:30 EST 2001 | davef

Intermetalic Layer (IL). A compound formed at the interface of two different metals, whose atoms have an extremely high natural attraction for each other, so high, that they do not bond to other elements by any other means. Also, intermetalic compo

Wetting problem of PCB after reflow soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 02:56:40 EDT 2001 | mugen

Hi, (me been absent for some time...) Are your brds confirmed HAL over copper? (check out what Dave F mentioned abt possible root causes) or are the brds HAL over nickle? (shd be no problem here, if so?) or are the brds strictly nickle plated pads?

BGA with gold corner / reflow problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 12:08:53 EDT 2003 | russ

I battle this all the time, I don't believe that it is the "gold corner" that is causing the problem but something with the PCB layer makeup (copper planes, or bottom side components, etc.). It could also be the nozzle you are using has a "hot spot/

Blow hole on pad after reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 24 06:19:04 EST 2011 | fönsi

Hello! I've had the same problem about one Jear ago. We had exessive building of voids in the solder joints. I recomment to take a pincer to break off some of the components. If the solder joint is good, the copper pad will stay at the solder joint

Black color solder wetting after reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri May 13 14:08:39 EDT 2011 | eezday

This appears to be black-pad and is often the result of using specs that call for gold plating that is too thick. The black pad is corrosion that is created between the gold and electroless nickel during the gold plating process. This is counter in

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