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DeHaart MPC-29 Software

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 10 22:16:06 EDT 2006 | davef

Look here: http://www.smtnet.com/forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_ID=27247

UP1500 Frame Sizes?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 02 08:32:50 EDT 2005 | jh0n!

We recently bought a used MPM UP1500 to upgrade from a manual DeHaart printer we'd been using for years. On the DeHaart, all of our stencils were 15" square. We purchased at auction a stencil adapter for an MPM printer (ie: 29" wide), however it's

De Haart printer expert

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 13 04:09:52 EST 2004 | patthemack

New update: By playing around with some settings in the software, we've been able to get the z-axis to work. This makes me think that if we reload the software, the problem may be fixed. Got any ideas as to where I can get a copy of the MPC-29 softwa

Solder Printing 2x2 inch ceramic Substrate

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 10:40:27 EST 2007 | phil69

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has experience of printing solder paste on to 2x2" ceramic substrates.. At present we are using a very old de haart printer with a mesh emulsion screen.. I am looking to replace this with a more reliable mo

De Haart printer expert

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 13 09:25:35 EST 2004 | jcdupree

Hi Patrick, I can easily troubleshoot ML, EL and SL 20 systems by phone or e-mail, but the MPC-29 is a bit more complex. The problem that you are describing was failry common, and there were a number of potential causes. First is to check if the dr

deHaart EL-20

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 17 12:12:10 EDT 2017 | dustind19871

I know I have seen several old threads about this screen printer. I was curious if there was anyone out there that had any luck tracking anything down parts or info wise about these printers. I have one and I am trying to source the correct timing b

De Haart printer expert

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 13:01:12 EST 2004 | patthemack

Thanks for your response. This is a DeHaart MPC-29. It has manual vision, no conveyor. When I bought it, only one camera was working. I fixed that, but while I was jacking with that, the electronic pressure regulator (spcjr) burned up without warning

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