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Re: Wavesoldering Organic Copper Coated Vias

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 25 14:45:55 EDT 1998 | Chrys

| I have a single-sided board with test vias that pass through the board. The test vias are pasted and reflowed with the SMT components on the top side. When the boards are wavesoldered, the solder coverage on the vias is spotty. Some will sold

What Is This On This Board?

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 05 21:11:35 EST 2000 | Dave F

The CDROM player in my personal computer just died and I replaced it with a more lively unit. Being an inveterate gearhead, of course I had to field strip the old CDROM player as soon as I pulled from my PC [and got the new one running]. There are

No-clean solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 22 17:38:44 EST 2001 | davef

OK, lemme take a different angle on this, �cuz I forgot to touch on this when I first responded. I mentioned a study ["Evaluation of Low Residue Soldering for Military and Commercial Applications: A Report from the Low-Residue Soldering Task Force"

Solder Joint Strength on Fine Pitch

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 20:11:21 EDT 2001 | davef

Hussman is correct. Make those people quit. [Just walk-up, pimp slap 'em, grab their dental pick, and say "Dave says you can't use this any more. I'm just following orders."][Trust me, this is much smoother than the "Tonya Harding Approach" that I

Can the old datecode Entek PCB be converted to HASL ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 05 19:39:19 EDT 2001 | davef

I had forgotten that it was you that was on the Sipad adventure. [But then again, who can keep track of yer aliases? ;-)] You just go from one adventure to the next. Expanding On Dave�s Hi-Test Flux Method Theory � PASTE: Yes, contact your favorit

Pin in Paste assistance

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 03 21:40:01 EST 2020 | itmconsulting

Hey Kyle - Good for you for pushing your horizons and considering pin-in-paste (aka "Intrusive Soldering"). Don't let the nay-sayers out there discourage you. When I encounter mixed tech PCBAs (SMT and through-hole) my first choice, if the design a

Where's The Drill? ... or responsibility

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 03 21:46:04 EST 2001 | davef

GET ANSWER? Shore. Tks t'all. DA DRILL? Naw, never found it. I worked at this plant down in Arkansas, where we cooked dirt. [Got it so hot, it glowed orange.] Virtually everyone in the plant had a wauky taukie. About half of the 2-ways would g

Does anyone care if Americans supply equipment to our industry.

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 26 18:19:55 EST 2002 | davef

Is this revisionist history? Have you been breathing deeply, while eating corn doodles? Let me knock-down a couple of Zoloft. OK. Here�s the way I remember things � * UIC, Dynapert, and Amistar made the best PTH insertion equipment on the planet.

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