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Problem with Ekra x5 Printer

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 26 19:26:17 EDT 2014 | magan

Hi Everyone, I have an Ekra x5 printer and I'm having reference drive issues with my printer. If anyone have english operator/service manual for ekra x5? I'll be happy if someone can send me the manual for this printer. Thank you

Ekra X5 setup

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 15:39:58 EDT 2016 | jsouth

I'm looking for a clone of an ekra x5 hard drive...we are willing to provide the hard drive and compensation for your time. ekra want us to upgrade the hardware to work with their latest software... they no longer offer the older version of software

EKRA E4 model Service Manual PDF

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 17 16:55:06 EDT 2018 | kumarb

Hello. We are servicing our Ekra X4 and will appreciate any user / service manual for the Ekra E4 / X4. Also welcome consultants whom we can ask questions about this machine as required. Many thanks. kumar at softio dot com

EKRA E4 model Service Manual PDF

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 07 04:01:58 EDT 2018 | doan

Please sent me an EKRA-E4 manual in PDF, my e-mail: anhdung@gmx.de Thanks

EKRA E4 model Service Manual PDF

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 19 17:17:05 EST 2018 | miketuftsmaksinc

Please send me an EKRA-E4 manual in PDF, my e-mail is: mtufts@maksinc.net

Ekra Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 09:05:17 EDT 2021 | kumarb

Found it...for future Ekra owners.. 689900-0573 NALGENE RECTANGULAR BOTTLE - 32 OZ Fits our Ekra X4 perfectly. Less than $10 on the market.

EKRA E1 "Referencing in progress" too long

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 11 07:21:20 EDT 2021 | korrapat905

Hi friend I have one EKRA-E1 down cause by show "Referencing progress" too long. Who can advise me to check and trouble shooting. Thank, KP

3rd Party EKRA Service and Parts

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 22 14:09:06 EDT 2022 | kurtiss

I am looking for 3rd party support for an Ekra screen printer in the northeast Ohio area. for service, calibration, and spare parts. Due to cost, support through Ekra is not an option.

Ekra X3 printer

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 16 19:19:55 EDT 2011 | rsikora

I had a look at the Ekra printer at a local industry show last year. It seems to be a solid machine. Their current customers that I visited were extremely satisfied w/ the machine and with Ekra's technical support (Location = In the USA). The pcb

Re: U.S. number for EKRA?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 19:29:15 EDT 1999 | Tony

| | | Does anyone have a US or North American phone and address contact for EKRA (Eduard Kraft)? | | | | | | I have been told by several people that there is a small office here in the US, but so far I've been unable to locate it. | | | | | | Any

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