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Axis head error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 07:11:37 EDT 2005 | geb

Does anyone know what an "Axis Head 1 Theta DAC limit error during Move Absolute Command" may mean? It occurred during production. I have checked through the board's program for errors but cannot see any.

Zevatech FS730 error

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 16 02:31:19 EST 2007 | meritajs

The problem is that if we disable center head and even turn off the cable of center head encoder, it's not helps. The same error appears. And it's all the same it shows error of the center head.

Fuji Flexa Transmission error

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 16 12:22:58 EDT 2009 | dman97

Here is the screen shot. The program does generate with no errors. This is the only program to give me errors. All others transmit fine.

Heller Oven communication error

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 04 17:56:17 EST 2010 | rmitchell

Hi, When we load a recipe (oven profile) on our heller 1809 the pc screen goes black, the oven turns off then comes back on and the error is communications with oven was lost. Anyone seen this error before? rob

MYDATA My9 Theta error

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 19 17:43:16 EST 2012 | jaimebc

Theta error came back again during our first production run. Swaped motcards as a final attempt to find an easy fix and nothing. I swapped heads with another MYDATA to positively isolate the problem. And the theta error followed the head.

Assembleon Emerald error L018

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 02 10:35:19 EST 2014 | sims

Hello to everyone, I am running an old emerald p&p machine, which very often generates two errors L018 and L212 and I am always forced to restart the machine. Does anyone knows what these errors means and how to solve the problem?

mydata 19 error

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 11 00:21:54 EST 2014 | bren

I suddenly encountered this error F-AXIS-C/9 Error says Axis has unstable zero point. Any advise?

Universal GSM1 startup error

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 03 15:51:06 EDT 2015 | amrsalama

I have the same problem and while using logicomm it gives an error message (FC107F24) !!! how can I read this error to address the problem ???

Zevatech FS730 error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 11 05:58:35 EST 2007 | Peter

Hi All, We again have problem with Zevatech FS-730 This machine shows error E202162: "System error: T axis of center head: Parameter error when T axis performs PTP action.(Kind of unit)" and it stop running. It does not pick up components. At low spe

feedback error on CSM84

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 10 22:38:04 EST 2017 | jmelson

I have an old CSM84 with the brush motors, model PA130620. I had a few intermittent feedback errors, now they have gone solid. But, I found slowing the machine to 85% lets it run without the error. So, I'm thinking there may be drag on the axis. T

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