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BCC Technology --- Placement, Rework, Reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 25 21:50:10 EST 2002 | davef

Some of this was copped from Fred. There are numerous package types that now fall under the rubric of land grid array [LGA]. Land grid devices [ie, Bumped Chip Carrier� [BCC], LGA, Quad Flat-pack No-lead [QFN], MicroLeadFrame�, etc] are essentially

Printing micro-vias for BGA placement

Electronics Forum | Fri May 10 14:02:05 EDT 2002 | pjc

First off what bone-head designer put them there in the first place. Vias in solder lands is a big time no no. I had this problem at a CEM I worked at. I had the customer change the design but had to run the 6 samples they supplied. I ended up fillin

Void in CSP

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 09:21:46 EDT 2003 | davef

Here's some papers: * �Voiding Of Lead-Free Soldering At Microvia�; Dr. Hyoryoon Jo, B. Nieman, and Dr. N.C. Lee Indium Corporation of America; SMTA International; 09/22/2002 * �Solder Joint Formation With Sn-Ag-Cu And Sn-Pb Solder Balls And Pastes�;

Glass Wicking

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 04 21:30:15 EST 2006 | Ola

Well, I can't tell you what the "glass wicking failure on PCB" are but for a standard FR4-pcb the Tg temp. or the so called glass temp. is 176 celcius degr. This means that the pcb is in between a firm and a buoyant condition. This is really a bit of

Glass Wicking

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 11 11:27:51 EST 2006 | Tom

Hi, "glass wicking failure" we don't know what this is, but we suspect that the reflow process could very well be the root cause for some of our pcba with micro vias failure. Micro vias pcb we know to well (we don't like them at all). There are No p

via under a smd pad ?

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 24 15:44:28 EST 2007 | mika

Hi DaveF, I had a short look into the Nr1. IMPACT OF MICROVIA-IN-PAD DESIGN ON VOID FORMATION Most interesting reading, but one thing though, I could not find any information about the oven profile. Just a picture of it. My question is of about the

IPC Class 3 Annular Ring and Fine Pitch BGA Challenges

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 08 21:49:24 EDT 2017 | sbar5781

Hello, I have a few PCB boards i am trying to be manufactured that are miniaturized medical devices. Thus they require IPC Class 3 Specs. However as miniature devices they have limited space, including a 0.4mm pitch BGA socket, which currently has

Re: Assembly of CSP on pads with vias.

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 23 13:29:40 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

| Hi Everyone, | We plan to build, for reliability/experimental/research purpose some CSPs (namely Tessera microBGA 46-I/O 0/75mm pitch and TI 64 I/O 0/8 mm pitch). the various factors that we plan to evaluate are the reliability and assembly concern

Question of delamination in PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu May 07 20:28:35 EDT 2009 | davef

From our notes, the following is a series of snips from: "Copper Dissolution in Tin" LJ Turbini, PhD, adjunct faculty member, University of Toronto, Materials Science and Engineering, SMT 2/07 As the solder becomes molten, copper from the board diff

Re: Through holes in SMT pads

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 06 17:03:46 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

| Is anyone aware of some guidelines regarding through-hole in SMT pads? One of our designers wants to add through-hole leads in some SMT pads for an inductor. The size of the hole is 0.032 inches and takes-up approximately 25% of the pad area. Th

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