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Quad 4c programming question

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 07 06:51:31 EST 2011 | mosborne1

Tim you can do your image repeat after you place the whole panel with nozzle #1. In your sequence step program place all with nozzle 1. You can then change to nozzle#2 then place the whole panel with nozzle number 2. This will be one nozzle change. I

Quad 4c autoprogram again

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 11:43:01 EDT 2015 | bobpan

Autoprogram requires win 3.11 or windows 95 to run. It will not work with anything higher than that. If you still want to give it a try go to my website @ www.precision-repairs.com and e-mail me and I will send you the 5 autoprogram disks that I ha

Quad 4c MK2, vision problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 23 22:34:22 EST 2020 | bobpan

Hello Marcelo, When you initialize the system in central controller...does it see mvs? Will a different job that you ran before work or does the same error happen? When do you see this error. You can email me at http://www.precision-repairs.com if y

quad qsp-2

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 12 11:04:48 EDT 2014 | bobpan

You could have a bad hard drive or the bios settings could be incorrect. We also need to find out what motherboard version you have. Please e-mail me for further help. Go to: www.precision-repairs.com and my e-mail address is on the site. Bob

Quad 4c vs. 4c Mk2

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 03 20:40:38 EST 2010 | olddog

We are a small company looking to purchase a used Quad 4c to bring some of our PCB fab in-house. In looking around at equipment we see both 4c and 4c mk2 versions of the Quad machine. Can someone please advise the difference between the two? Thank yo

Quad 4c vs. 4c Mk2

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 06 11:33:30 EST 2010 | gantry

It has been a while but I think the Mk2 was an upgraded ballscrew. I am a fan of the Quad products but if you are looking to bring production in house using these machines to do it, I would be very very careful and really consider new machines with

quad align init problem

Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 10:01:23 EDT 2010 | jmw

Just a slight correction....the quad align card is located at the back rear right of the machine (in a cage). If it is a cyber-optics 4c machine....the laser align card is in the front card rack to the far left.

quad ivc vision slug

Electronics Forum | Fri May 18 12:42:50 EDT 2018 | arachid

Hi, i search for drawing of calibration slug to calibrate a vu4/6 vision system on a quad 4c. on my manual it is name spindle runout calibration slug but not have part number. if you can give me this drawing i will very apreciate it. I need picture,

quad IVc continue

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 28 10:26:55 EDT 2011 | miroyu

Hello everyone . I received lot of help from people of this forum for which I want to say "thank you" guys. I had problem whit initialization of my Quad 4C which just sits for 2 years after purchase. I manage to locate problem with laser diode on pla

quad 1000 error

Electronics Forum | Fri May 27 16:27:12 EDT 2005 | michaelmcclay

I believe it read Quad 1000 on the machine ID label. The serial number of the machine is 9518-A-02. The operator changed some settings in the configuration file and I need to get that back to the original settings. Any help you can offer would be

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