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Recycling of SMT Reels

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 16:02:54 EDT 2012 | robertg1

Hi Michael, did you ever find a resource for this? I am also looking for a recycling source to handle reels.

PCB recycling

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 04 18:55:09 EDT 2011 | markhoch

I know of one. ECS Refining www.ecsrefining.com I've used them to recycle solder dross, but I'm pretty sure they'll help you recyle your e-scrap too.

lead free solder dross recycling

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 18 19:34:02 EDT 2011 | warwolf

so there is no one here baised in New Zealand that wants to buy our SAC305 solder dross and recycle it, we have about 120KG at the moment, anyone intrested?

Recycling PCB breakaway tabs

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 23 10:43:53 EDT 2013 | ccross

Can anyone point me to a company that can recycle the breakaway material from our PCBs? Thanks

Clear plastic SMT tapes - what plastic grade for recycling

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 23 13:20:44 EST 2015 | daniellarios

Well both materials are thermo plastics and recyclable. But it is diffficult to separe into streams. Do you have any process to do this?

Clear plastic SMT tapes - what plastic grade for recycling

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 22:01:48 EST 2015 | daniellarios

But do you separate this waste from others. Or do you separate by plastic? Because if you do the second it would be easier to find a way to recycle. Do you use an optic sorter ?

Emboss Carrier Tape recycling processes

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 02 07:28:46 EDT 2019 | woolland

Hi Proy I have been looking at a way to handle the waste SMT reels. The recycling company stopped taking them because of the labels were jamming up their machine. I see you grind your reels. What do you use to grind the reels? Stu.

Should we Sell or just Recycle Universal Instr. picknplace

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 13 10:22:57 EDT 2019 | tjs1634

Should we Sell or just Recycle old pick and place We are willing to gut it too if there are people out there that want the optics.

Re: Dusted By Dross

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 13:00:52 EDT 2000 | Mike F

I just wanted to add a comment to the newbies, that dross must be recycled or it is considered a hazardous waste by the EPA. If you recycle it you can avoid a lot of documentation requirements needed for hazardous wastes, but you still need to have d

Re: Recycling Solder Paste?

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 11 12:29:01 EDT 1999 | John Thorup

We have three buckets filled with leftover solder paste from our screen printing process. Kester has informed me that they no longer take paste, but only dross and pot dumpings. Does anyone know if there's someplace I can recycle this, or am I go

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