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SMT offline programing

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 25 16:36:07 EDT 2009 | peaksamsung

Hello, I am currently running a Samsung CP-60 and CP-45 SMT machines and I am looking for software for offline programing. I need software that will import cad and Bom data as well as a having it's own part library. Any suggestions would be greatly a

Looking for the s/w Drivers to run SMT1000 flash program

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 07 11:45:51 EST 2020 | Madel

Have Aqueous Technologies SMT1000 . Need help, looking for a copy of the drivers . I have the flash program . Appreciate any assistance with this. Thanks.

Help, have Aqueous SMT1000, Needing Drivers & Program/Software

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 31 11:48:48 EST 2020 | ecogroup

Have Aqueous Technologies SMT1000 . Need help, looking for a copy of the drivers . I have the flash program . Any assistance would be much Appreciated ! Thanks, Madel

SMT control management software

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 06:57:13 EDT 2015 | jlawson

Valor MSS has options for NPI Data preparation and processing, SMT programming, documentation, verification, materials management, traceability, and QA management not just in SMT but into backend process aka manual assembly as well as production plan

SMT Process Training

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 19 18:04:56 EST 2003 | P Lee

Can anyone share their knowledge on any SMT training program available in the pacific northwest area or anyhere within Canada. I like to upgrade my skills and knowledge in Advanced training in SMT processes, Through-hole trouble shooting and hands-o

SMT OEE Calculator

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 06 08:04:25 EST 2009 | martinphill

How to calculate Availability in SMT mcs? IDeal Rated CPH or Machine programming time? Pls send me SMT OEE Calculator

SMT/Thru hole key cards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 28 08:27:09 EDT 2006 | jem

Currently in house were using circuit cam for our programming (we run mydata hence mycam). When were programming were also creating keycards for SMT,SMT inspection, thru hole and thru hole inspection. Sometimes with heavily populated boards, 2000-25

SMT Programming

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 10 08:47:49 EDT 2005 | dougs

you don't need different placement angles, not if you write the PD's properly, generate your programs from a source program and use the optimiser to split the progs up. so in theory the cad data can work although in practice it rarely does due to di

Way to port SMT program from Mydata to Panasonic?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 12:39:41 EDT 2008 | stepheniii

You will have to make new programs for the Panasonic. (afaik) But you can use the Mydata programs as centroid data for the Panapro. Load it into Excell using space as the delimiter. Copy column B onto column A. cell A1, move cells up. Sort by column

Pick Place Programmer

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 09:52:42 EDT 2018 | robl

Seen a fair few SMT programming houses with modified Quads and Versatronic machines. We had a play at this too, and didn't look too taxing. We have an IC that takes 40 mins to programme, and the programming house runs through the night, gang prog

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