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SMT Assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 14 16:43:56 EDT 2005 | Denis

Hi, I think I'll try to do it on my own. There's a company here that does this stuff, called Car-San, but the want to charge me $100 Canadian to do one chip on one board. Min order, I guess. I think they were just trying to shoe me away. So, I bo

thermocouples on PCB - Kapton tape?? or else ??

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 12 02:58:53 EDT 2007 | d0min0

HI, thanx for opinion ;) tried Searching but obviously did some mistake in 'words' and got 0 results ;p I've already tried high temp solder - but it's damn difficult to solder TC to the component... I'll try aluminium then...but from what I rememb

Solder not reflowing properly

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 28 11:13:53 EDT 2008 | janz

Have you tried to run the same process but with diffrent solder paste manufacturer.? This give you information whether paste is ok. Try also print paste on the bare board and run through reflow oven. Check 2-3 boards. Is it the same places where i

Possibility of a cheaper pick and place machine design?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 11 14:36:13 EDT 2014 | markhoch

Not to squash anybody's ingenuity, but most of the problems that you're trying to solve have been solved, and fine tuned, over the last 30 years of SMT. (Surface Mount Technology) I'm all for reinventing the wheel, but I suggest taking some time to

MYDATA MY15E F-MOT-SETDYN Z/3: Upper end point outside limit

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 30 12:47:17 EDT 2018 | padawanlinuxero

hello try to calibrate the Z axis, check the cable must be damage, check if the transducer is loose, just some options from the top of my head, have you try getting into service and make it work there? if not try that too.

Vision settings for LED - JUKI KE3020

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 03 12:34:42 EDT 2019 | tey422

The reason I ask for datasheet is to make sure indeed the LED is to be mounted on the side. In this case, you can still try to use the laser, component type chooses "other", component shape chooses "flexible" or "flexible 2". Try "flexible" first as

MYDATA HYDRA Z/156 error on Hardware Intialization.

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 06 17:08:30 EDT 2020 | tima

Try swapping XWB board that is on top of X-Wagon. Have you try that? All signals go thru there. Another thing can be those 2 ribbon cables that are behind of X-Wagon. How long ago did you change them? What I would do is to move X to different positio

Header problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 09:32:24 EDT 2001 | gsmguru

Try: JST or Samtec

Voiding in board to BGA joints

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 06 06:15:14 EST 2004 | Bryan

Thanks Tommy. In fact I've tried many types of profile,but it didn't work.I'll try to make the peak temp. as low as 205C and dwell long as in some threads Dave said.I've tried baking the BGA and PCB before mounting also dindn't work.yes,I've heard th

password protection

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 21 15:11:52 EDT 2006 | mumtaz

i will try that and report

tried searches for Companies, Equipment, Machines, Suppliers & Information