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Re: Misalignment Issue (CAD Vs. Machine Variables

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 11 19:07:34 EST 2000 | George

Hi Jax, CAD Software is Protel and the machine is Yamaha YM84 Hyper Series. thanks

Buyer of Yamaha feeders!

Electronics Forum | Mon May 18 06:44:16 EDT 1998 | Odyssey Arambashich

I am very interested in buying some feeders for Yamaha YM-84II Hyper series mounter. Can You help? Please fax me: + 64 3 365 66 66

Yamaha/Philips Model Number Cross References

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 16:29:32 EDT 2005 | gregp

Wow, Was I born yet? How about YM84S. I even have the Yamaha brochure. Do you think it could be worth something?

Yamaha YM84V III Nozzles anyone?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 10 08:56:19 EST 2013 | fredcalkins

We have nozzles for the Yamaha 84 machines. Email me at fred@nozzlesupply.com and we will try to get or make a vision nozzle for you.

Yamaha YM84 S2

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 14 03:54:59 EDT 2014 | ermani9

Failing to origin the machine. On pressing ORIGIN, it moves a small distance and gives the message "ORIGIN INCOMPLETE" and displays error ...243:Y DRIFT ADJUSTMENT NO GOOD..." Please help.

Yamaha YM84 S2

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 17 22:42:27 EDT 2014 | darby

Chapter 6 section 3-5 of the manual. If you don't have the manual send me your email and I'll send you the relevant section in pdf.

Yamaha YM84 S2

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 18 00:00:03 EDT 2014 | ermani9

Hi.. Darby thanks... I don't have Manual. plz send the same at maninder.singh@cdil.com.

Yamaha YM84 S2 / Philips CSM 60

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 24 06:50:47 EDT 2015 | tercel

btw: Pots are VR16(x) and VR 17(y) on the left board and VR17(r) on the right board.

Yamaha YM84 S2 / Philips CSM 60

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 24 07:07:44 EDT 2015 | ermani9

Great News!! Happy to hear!! Yes. Location of these ports vary for different Models of control cards of machine.

Need help_Yamaha YM84 S2 Glue Dispenser

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 27 06:04:19 EST 2015 | ermani9

On start-up, machine is giving error: User.MCH: Not found Plz help..

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