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Solderability Issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 13 17:45:43 EDT 2010 | bradlanger

Boards with the LF hasl finish applied too thin will genrally pass the IPC test. That is some pretty agressive flux they call out. The boards usually wave solder just fine as well. Reflow is where the you see the problem.

nozzle level (low) out of tolerance (universal HSP)

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 03 16:12:54 EDT 2010 | namruht

Just to get the simple stuff out of the way. Make sure that no one has changed the machine nozzle data to a different type. Then try actually changing the nozzle data and putting that type into the head. If this passes it will at least eliminate the

AOI-problems lifted lead on qfp-100

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 02:57:41 EDT 2010 | patejl

Reese is right. We use algorithm our AOI but the make it find liftead lead on qfp or such... it took me all day to set program and even then some defects pass so that is why Im asking..

Solderability Testing on Hgh Power Leaded Resistors

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 18:16:24 EDT 2011 | bandjwet

Dear SMTNetters: Does anyone have a good method for determining the solderability of leaded high power resistors? We currently are using Dip and Look and they always pass yet solderability issues remain... Thanks! BWET

Virtronics Unitherm 500

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 13 06:29:44 EDT 2012 | sunyb123

Pls suggest for by pass the chiller unit & nitrogen Gas supply from Unitherm SMR500 reflowe oven,can it possible to install the regular cooling fan in the machinefor Pcb cooling ?

SMT Heal Issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 22:35:58 EDT 2011 | davef

The consequences of poor heel formation in solder connections include: * Lower solder joint strength * Possible intermittent short circuits * Reduced first-pass yields * Increased inspection cost * Increased rework cost * Likely field failures * Like

Quad IVc Fiducial Alignment

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 21 08:26:45 EST 2013 | ngineer

Bobpan, Thanks for the reply. I have been using Tep Vision, I'll see whether I was using GOTO 1 or 0, it may have been 0. I am running from central controller, and am doing a download database from the database utilities when making changes on

YesTech F1 AOI false calls and misses

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 16 11:28:50 EDT 2012 | vparis

Hey Reese what is your Mis rate? Do you have any boards that are passed that have actual defects?

Conformal Coating Issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 01 06:40:39 EDT 2012 | umar

Hi Norman... Thansk on yoru input, actually my adhesion test conduct is after pass of IC test. MY IC Test is shown a good result but when go into teh Test adhesion coating then during peel off test my board was failed.

PCB Delamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 23:04:45 EDT 2012 | jacktan

There is sympthom that the delam only happen on area that near to via location.What does this try to relate to? It appears on both primary and secondary side even pass through with primary reflow process only.

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