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Stencil life

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 06:29:41 EDT 2018 | cyber_wolf

Correct stencil, wiping frequency effectiveness,and correct paste deposition are all verified by the SPI machine. I suppose you can put all kinds of things in place, but you may want to determine what is practical and "why?" are you doing it. Trac

MPM SPM Question

Electronics Forum | Sun May 13 16:35:07 EDT 2018 | mattkehoe

Hello all you SMT Netters! Please see if you can help us out. We have a older MPM SPM printer in great shape but it has one problem, and it is something I remember happening before but I cannot remember what to do to fix it. It happens when the tab

Have any paper or data talking about "BGA Stencil design guideline for avoid bridge"?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 07 04:19:59 EDT 2018 | spoiltforchoice

You have lost me, its a stencil, you can change the aperture size, you can change the thickness and you can change the walls of the aperture. And all of those things will be in the papers anyone can find with a google. I have no clue what safe air g

where to buy metal sheets?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 17:45:10 EDT 2018 | avm

Hello friends, I'm looking for hints where to buy metal/steel sheets for stencil cut. Worldwide. Different quality, thicknesses and surface treatment.Size 23x23, 29x29. I heard there were some good quality metal sheets suppliers in Finland, Japan, M

IQ, PQ, OQ report question.

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 15 12:22:21 EDT 2019 | cyber_wolf

You demonstrate it and record it by the report. The report contains the check off items that you defined in the protocol along with supporting data from the testing you did. This usually involves part numbers,data points, and photos. The report shou

QFN/BTC Pad Configuration Commonality for Solder Stencils

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 27 09:47:27 EDT 2019 | SMTA-Joe

Hello SMTA, We currently use Solder Stencils for installation/rework of QFNs/BTCs, and have tremendous success with them. While they aren't overly expensive considering their high quality it does seem like a waste of money to purchase more screens

Step-up stencil: recommendation thickness

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 12:00:13 EDT 2019 | gregoireg

Thanks. It starts to make sense. There is a formula at the bottom of this page: http://www.circuitinsight.com/programs/50456.html It says: Stencil Thickness = 2.64mil + 0.0831 * pitch of component in mil. for 1.13mm, that gives exactly 0.16mm. So,

PCB for Samsung Stencil Printer SP450

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 06 16:18:23 EDT 2019 | peacheas

Hi, i am looking for Multi scan vision board IM02 to the stencil printer like on foto. Our camera in printer has stopped working. And now we just looking for this "main" board for camera. Does anybody know about some stock where i can buy

200 pin connector reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 08 14:45:12 EST 2019 | charliedci

Appreciate the input from everyone. The PCB is .062" thick. As a CM we are at the mercy of our customer at this point although (hopefully) they are receptive to advice on the next build. Titanium strips could be an option, I also thought there might

LED lifted soldering defect

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 04 10:59:04 EST 2019 | dwl

The solder looks a little grainy for Sn/Pb solder but that might just be the picture quality. There appears to be plenty of solder on the pads, so I'd rule out anything to do with the stencil. One possibility that springs to mind; how long is your

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