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Potting/Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 24 14:17:20 EST 2016 | rgduval

I have a customer who is rather inexperienced, and asking us for a solution for them. They have a circuit board that's roughly two inches long by 1/2" wide or so, with component placements on one end of the board. The other end has a trace that I s

Lead trimming

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 29 13:30:43 EDT 2016 | gregp

Versatec specializes in the remanufacture of Contact Systems machines, most notably the CS-400E component locator with programmable cut and clinch. these machines are field proven over the past two decades and provide many benefits when utilized: 1.

Amtech 4300 no-clean+washable flux

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 11 22:39:36 EST 2016 | ppcbs

We have been using the Amtech line for over 12 years now with all of our PCB and BGA Rework. The NWS-4400 is mildly active and will give better results with Lead Free Solder. Note that the LF-4300 is considered a No-Clean. However it will show lea

Tombstone components issue after reflow?

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 13 22:26:01 EDT 2017 | dawson

Anyone who knows how to prevent such > flaw? > > Tombstones are those lifted components > from one sides. This results in costly and > time-consuming amounts of touch-up and re-work > after the assembly is completed. For the > customers, this e

Need help getting our mydata TP9 to place 8-dfn package parts.

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 01 16:44:41 EDT 2017 | dgaddisatprimepower

I've been struggling trying to get our TP9 machine to place 8-dfn package parts. One of our primary assembly contracts uses a SOIC8 but the pad design accommodates an alternate 8-DFN part and sometimes we have to go to our alternate part due to lead

One part or two part shield

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 11 06:14:21 EDT 2018 | uzbek

Hello, we are currently designing one device that needs shielding. Under the shield, there is one BGA chip and 0402 components. Now we have a dilemma whether we should go for a one-part shield or two-part shield. We talked with several EMS companie

Rework Station for Large PCBs

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 24 09:20:44 EDT 2018 | fugtussey

Note that the TF2800 features a large 7 panel preheater with an adjustable height component that allows you to adjust the height of the IR preheater to get much closer to the board. This feature multiples the power of the preheater exponentially, so

Relying on AOI for sensor boards - EOL for functional test

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 31 04:45:42 EDT 2018 | robl

Depends on what sort of outfit you are working for, and what you are building. A lot of CEMs are doing Flying Probe or ICT on the boards ahead of investing time building into units or adding parts that prevent access to rework. We have a combination

SMTnet Site: Need Your Input

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 02 21:22:15 EDT 2018 | davef

I need your input. What are your thoughts? Currently SMTnet is looking to improve process. It uses four different lists of categories that all are maintained and updated separately. A single LIST makes sense. Approaches to arranging the LIST being

tamper proof (but removable) labels

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 13:45:59 EST 2019 | slthomas

I'm wrestling with the infamous adjustable torque drivers on the production floor. Despite a procedure that clearly forbids it, we still have the occasional know-it-all that will just crank the knob until the desired setting is visible in the windo

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