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solder ball

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 06 09:28:24 EDT 2002 | Hussman69

Sure do, it's from the paste that gets squeezed under your R's and C's. This paste is now on your mask and during reflow, wants to move off the mask. Unfortunatly, it follows the flux residue to the side of your component. An easy fix is to use th

Solder balls on gold pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 17 02:32:13 EDT 2002 | computer

Hi, Anybody with a solution on solder balls on gold pad. I have tried the following a) Check cleanliness of solder paste printing area b) Clean stencils on 1 clean per 2 prints c) Use N2 on the reflow oven. Any other methods...

Cleaning SMD Adhesives

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 23 03:48:48 EDT 2002 | kcngoi

Hi , DEK S'pore came out with a univeral frame called 'vector',that the stencil can be removed from the frame and soak into solvent for effective cleaning. RGDS JOSEPH

Cleaning SMD Adhesives

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 30 10:55:53 EST 2002 | ahobby

I hope you'll take an answer from the sunny UK. I don't usually read these forums but contribute to similar over here, hence the late response. We have an Invicta Sabre 757 machine in our Demo room, running with Zestron SD 300. We give the PumpPrint

Glue & Paste Printing on Same side of the PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 06 11:07:37 EDT 2002 | slthomas

OK, I'll bite. How you can set a stencil down on a printed board and run a squeegee across it (even if it's a proflow head, it's still a squeegee, right?) without disturbing the printed paste?

Glue & Paste Printing on Same side of the PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 06 12:06:39 EDT 2002 | carln

Hello Joseph, How are you cleaning your Pump Print plastic stencils? Regards, CN

Glue Stencil Design Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 30 17:43:34 EDT 2002 | davef

Search the fine SMTnet Archives to get started. We use 'glue' 'epoxy' 'adhesive' [without the ' of course] interchangeably.

Printing SPC

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 00:29:24 EDT 2002 | TLe

Peter, QC-calc: Verifying vision accuracy of your printer with calibration stencil and hundreds of repeats. If your boards are large and specially if you have finepitch parts on them you will find usefully to use QC-calc to measure board stretch/sh

Reusing Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 13 14:26:44 EDT 2002 | davef

We do not reuse paste that is on the stencil at the end of a shift. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for previous descussions on this topic.

Solder Paste and fine pitch components

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 18 19:43:12 EDT 2002 | dragonslayr

One more variable I've remembered - pad height with respect to solder mask height. Pads being too low can cause stencil "gasketing" problems that in turn allow more paste to be deposited than needed. Are your fabs HASL or some other media?

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