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Solder Paste and fine pitch components

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 20 04:47:29 EDT 2002 | byates

If I were you I would contact your solder paste applications engineer and your stencil applications eng. They are there for this very reason and are very capable

UltraSonic cleaning machine

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 22 06:21:31 EDT 2002 | Michael fogel

We are about to purchas a new cleaning machine for stencils & miss print and we are considering an ultrasonic one. Can someone light this point for me? What are the advantages / disadvantages of this method? How it effect the components and their sol

SPC for MPM UP1500 Stencil Printers

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 26 20:25:06 EDT 2002 | davef

When we DOE a board, we use the following independent print variables: * Print pressure * Print speed * Separation speed * Aperture orientation * Squeegee hardness

through hole reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 01 12:23:26 EDT 2002 | barryg

We are looking at possible doing a few through hole components on the smt line. Is this feasable? What types of components are diffucult to do this way? What stencil considerations are there? Anyone have any info on this subject?

0201 Aperture design

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 03 18:45:56 EDT 2002 | davef

Get started with an "On-Board Forum" [blue bar an inch down from the top of the page] moderated by Jeff Schake at DEK that was a discussion focused on stencil printing issues with 0201 technology. Chris: Are you putting 0201 on flex? If so, sounds

0201 Aperture design

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 12 05:05:09 EDT 2002 | Kenture

I run 0201 on a 5 mils stencil with openting of 15X12 and did not have any issue. The major concern is the placement and CP643 did very good job. Type 3 solder pastes was used. Good luck.

via in pad

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 12 05:40:05 EDT 2002 | Kenture

Hello All, I am having issued with insufficient solder due to via in pad. It is a 10 mils via and PCB is 70 mil thick. Six mils stencils was used since there are some 20 mils (No clean process). Any recommendation? Thank you.

via in pad

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 12 06:43:49 EDT 2002 | davef

Alternatives to consider are: * Opening-up your stencil aperture put-down more paste to compensate for the amount that is being used to fill the via. * Relaying-out the board to plug and plate over the via. * Relaying-out the board to move the via fr

The increased component height after reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 24 03:03:13 EDT 2002 | harriss

Hi: The component height will increase on the PCB after reflow soldering. But i don't know the accurate data of the increased height. Who can help me to get it? The stencil thickness is 5 mil we used. Thanks Harriss


Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 06 01:54:03 EST 2002 | jason

You may want to check your stencil aperture design too. The base ball pad design worked fine to solve my tombstone problem.

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