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QFP Coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 18:10:13 EST 2002 | stepheno

When you say "dropping" I assume you mean "rejecting" them because co-planarity is outside the tolerance you have set and the machine is putting them on the reject belt or tray as the case may be. I worked for a CM with an MPA-G3. One customer suppl

A.O.I - no salesman pitch pls

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 09:58:35 EDT 2003 | swagner

Solder fillet inspection is something that I would avoid like SARS, solder joints are like a snowflake no two are the same, henceforth unrepeatability. The only time I would look into this would be for uBGA or flipchip on an audit basis utilizing X-


Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 30 20:04:19 EST 2004 | Ken

If speed is truly an issue, migrate to no-clean. However, this is not always an option. Why bake after 1st smt pass? Because you are probably not drying completely under the BGA components, and/or you are pushing water into the parts/boards/ vias

MPM Teaching Vision

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 01 18:06:36 EDT 2004 | Rob

I used an Ultraprint 2000 so if that's what you use then maybe I might be able to help. First, I'm assuming that you've already passed the Teach New Board section. This is board dimension, X and Y boardstop, stencil/squeegee heights and strokes. If

BGA open joint

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 04 20:06:24 EDT 2004 | C.W

Customer returned a brd claim that one of the FPGA is having "cold solder joint". I inspected the the BGA location with X-ray and Ersascope, balls' shape look fine, voids are not detected, perimeter joints show shinny and smooth appearance, i have se

delamination test

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 16:57:29 EDT 2005 | HOSS

50% of seeing it in a single pass. The only time we do this is if we have a board off the line that has delaminated. We'll run a sample of boards through bare to confirm that we have a bad batch. Even if we see no failures on the bare boards, we'l

Batch Ovens

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 04 02:23:58 EST 2005 | grantp

Hi, Yes, you will save a lot of money in the end. From what I have experienced you cannot heat up a oven full of air, and cool it down fast enough to match a suitable reflow profile. So passing the board through the zones using an inline oven is th

Eyewash Solution solution

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 06 13:02:49 EST 2006 | Chunks

Although rather expensive, you have to realize they had to go through extensive testing to prove their product safe. This probably cost them extensively. So once the formula has been deemed safe, they just pass this cost onto the consumer. Not to

Reflow Oven Profiling

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 25 21:29:08 EDT 2006 | TMC

Thanks for all the replies. Rob . . . that's what I was looking to get feedback on; to see if others can program their reflow ovens so that double sided boards only reflow on top during the second pass. Our oven does have an edge belt conveyer so t

Pcb immersion tin thickness

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 09 08:06:07 EDT 2006 | davef

See "IPC-4554 Specification for Immersion Tin Plating for Printed Circuit Boards" 3.2.1 Immersion Tin Thickness. The most common reason for solderability issues with the white tin surface coating during multiple thermal excursions is a thin white ti

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