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solvents for cleaning metal stencils

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 08:34:06 EST 2004 | fcox

What I am really after is what is recommended to clean the paste from the stencil. What works best? What is really used in common practice?

solvents for cleaning metal stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 22 07:35:02 EDT 2004 | davef

Most glue suppliers recommend chemicals and methods for removing the product from stencils. What does yours suggest? Further, search the fine SMTnet Archives for background discussion.

solvents for cleaning metal stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 05 17:29:53 EST 2004 | Steve Stach

Most metal stencils today are cleaned with a water based cleaning solution. 3 choices are most typical: (1) Water only for water-soluble paste (2) Water + Organic for rosin and no-clean (low residues. This affords lower temperatures and is easier t

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 06 20:58:53 EST 2001 | chinaren

Hello,everyone: Would you like provide me some information about the equipment you use for the stencil cleaning and the solvent that is effective or you are satisfied with the cleaning result? best regards

cleaning PCB's

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 10 20:39:06 EST 2006 | aqueous

Of course there are solvents which are less harmful to the environment than others. The operative phrase is �less harmful�. As a rule, water-based chemistries are �greener� than solvents. There are some solvent blends designed for aqueous-based eq

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 11 10:49:14 EDT 2005 | jhagve

HI We start to make a product which have a 0.4 mm pitch IC and start having problems with not enough solder printed, to solve this problem we had to increase the manual cleaning, now we are cleaning the stencil every 8 printings, before we was runnin

cleaning PCB's

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 10 14:34:40 EST 2006 | Amol Kane

arent there environmentally friendly solvents (i have seen some from 3M) that can be used in a vapor degreaser. i was also planning to use the vapor degreaser to clean boards prior to conformal coating

Solvent for stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 07 05:56:19 EST 2005 | pavel_murtishev

Good day, What type of solvent are you using for stencil cleaning during production? Does anybody use VIGON SC202 for stencil cleaning? What type of solvent can you recommend? Thank you. BR, Pavel

Note for cleaning process

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 13:55:56 EDT 2008 | dyoungquist

Water will not remove no clean flux residues because they are not water soluble. Solder paste with no clean flux should only be used when the assemblies do not need to be cleaned. That said, you can buy special cleaning solvents specifically for re

Solvent for stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 09 05:07:44 EST 2005 | aj

we use IPA ( isopropyl alcohol)

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