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Heller 1913-MK3

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

There are 2 ovens, one has limitation, so mainly offer for spare andf the other for use in production. HELLER 1913MKIII Reflow Oven 1008Q3F-A8RFS-83960-03 2008.10.15 working "14 zone (13pcs heating and 1 cooling)Water cooling, without chiller CBS

Salescon Ltd.

Heller 1913 MKIII

Heller 1913 MKIII

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

HELLER 1913 MKIII Year: 2008 Cooling: by Air Transport: chain with central support


Heller 1913MKIII Demon

Heller 1913MKIII Demon

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

We  have 10 sets HELLER 1913MKIII with N2 + water base  available for sale. 13 zones. Running hour  80 hours ,  Demon machine  Like new machine with used price   Any interesting let me know.

MePow Technology Company Ltd

Heller 1913 MKIII 12 zone 2012

Heller 1913 MKIII 12 zone 2012

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

Like new conditon Heller 12 zone. 100% production ready. * Left to right Process flow * Edge pin chain conveyor * Mesh belt conveyor If you are looking for a outstand/like new big oven this is it.

4 Tech Electronics Inc.

STI Electronics Adds Heller Oven to Its Microelectronics/Cleanroom

Industry News | 2010-04-20 10:30:23.0

MADISON, AL — STI Electronics, Inc., a full service organization providing training, electronic and industrial distribution, consulting, laboratory analysis, prototyping, and small- to medium-volume PCB assembly, has added the Heller 1913MKIII Convection Reflow/Curing Oven to its Microelectronics/Cleanroom.

STI Electronics

ACDi Expands Capacity and Capabilities at Its North Carolina Electronics Manufacturing Plant

Industry News | 2021-02-04 09:08:44.0

Growing Demand for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies Prompts Acquisition of New Equipment


Heller 1913MK3, 1912EXL, 1812EXL, 1900, 1809

Used SMT Equipment | SMT Equipment

Heller Reflow for sales :   Reconditioned and refurbished   Heller 1913MKIII 0608P3-A7R2S-83595-03 2008.6 Heller 1912EXL-N2 1104F2A7NA-11674-02 2004 Heller 1912EXL-N2 1104F2A7NA-11673-02 2004 Heller 1912EXL-N2 0704F3-A7NA-90759-01 2004.7

CS Technology

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