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Nicolet NXR-1410HR

Nicolet NXR-1410HR

Used SMT Equipment | X-Ray Inspection

This is a fully refurbished NXR-1410HR X-Ray Inspection system suitable for production and off line quality control and rework verification... System includes: Sample Handling: 18" x 24" table Footprint 72" (H) x 62" (W) x 50" (D) X-Ray source 20-90K

MatriX Technologies GmbH

Nicolet X-ray

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 21 08:39:15 EDT 2006 | RLM

I have a chance to purchase a used Nicolet X-ray machine. I would like to get some feedback from other users of this machine. Thanks in advance. Nicolet NXR-1410i vintage 1998

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