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Where can I get Quad AVX-500 spare parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 06 11:38:16 EDT 2004 | ianlg

Try RPAmericas who are Reprint Services's distributor in the USA. Part nos can be found on Reprint Services web site. http://www.reprintservices.co.uk Contact at RPAmericas is William Pease ( Ex Quad ) Tel 401-254-0699 or email wpease@rpamericas.c

Where can I get Quad AVX-500 spare parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 06 15:32:54 EDT 2004 | pjc

Try these guys too: http://www.sigmaprint.co.uk/ Regardless, the parts are most likely stocked only in the U.K. Your machine was orginally manufactured in the U.K. by a British company called SMTech. SMTech was purchased by Quad and then sold to Sp

Quad ZCR oven password

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 29 07:55:23 EST 2005 | pjc

FYI: ZCR, British oven maker, was purchased by Quad many moons ago. When Tyco bought Quad, ZCR was not part of the deal. In fact I think production had stopped in the U.K. facility by then. Tyco has no legal obligation to suppoort these ovens.

Quad 4c Calibration Slug

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 27 16:19:37 EST 2012 | pdl

try this one info@rccontrols.co.uk many thanks Pete

Quad 4c Calibration Slug

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 26 13:01:47 EST 2012 | pdl

Hi guys has any one got a calibration slug for the quad 4c that they can take a picture of and measure it so i can make one. Or even better one that they can sell me. pete@pdl-services.co.uk many thanks Pete

Quad QSP2 Training

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 10 10:42:58 EDT 2009 | tronteq

Hello, I can offer training, service & support on the Quad QSP-2. Up until November 2008 I was employed by Tyco Electronics who aquired Quad back in 2000. I have set up my own company with Tyco's blessing to offer support on their behalf in Europe. T

Quad ZCR Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 20 06:39:12 EDT 2004 | Ian White

Andy Tyco Electronics can supply these parts. In the USA contact Tyco Electronics in Willow Grove PA. (215) 657 6202 and ask for Service and Support. In UK please contact Tyco Electronics EMEA in High Wycombe ; 01494 464088 And ask for Operations De

Quad QSA Equipment Support

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 29 06:32:12 EDT 2007 | martinouk

After leaving the electronics industry for 5 years, I have finally found my back into it. Obviously, 5 years is a long time and we all know that things rapidily change within the industry. The company that I have joined are looking to invest in 2 Qu

Multitroniks, Quad System and Tyco Info

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 31 22:22:09 EDT 2001 | davef

Multitronics machines, in their lastest incarnation, previously were Dynapert machines. A largely UK phenomenon. It's unclear that Multitromics made much US market penitration since their acquistion of Dynapert a couple of years ago.

Quad/SMTech/MPM 400 printer question

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 16 09:38:26 EST 2007 | sigmaprint

Contact Sigmaprint to obtain the approved SMTech Track Ball Retrofit Kit (PART# 14709) +44(0)1305 766999 info@sigmaprint.co.uk

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