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Printing on a pallet

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 29 19:26:51 EDT 2014 | pnguyvu

Hi KKay, Contact Steve at USA STENCILS INC, Will make you a free first article free of charge smt pallet to print and reflow multiple board at a time. Below is his contact info. Steve@usastencils.com 714-636-6211

Dek printing issue

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 03 08:39:30 EST 2014 | emeto

Looks like you did everything right. Clean and check carefully the stencil for damage close to the part you are having problem with. If not both of your squeegees should be damaged on the same spot.

Dek printing issue

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 03 12:58:07 EST 2014 | swag

Nano Protec. It really works. Our operators swear by it. Get a sample from DEK and give it a ride on that stencil.

Dek printing issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 27 09:18:22 EST 2015 | swag

Agree to disagree on Nano Protec. Have you used it and studied the results? We do 3D inspection and clean our stencils in the UT wash on a regular basis. Volume is better and we have to clean on a much lesser frequency when using Nano Protec.

Dek printing issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 15:36:33 EST 2015 | cyber_wolf

I might agree with the type that is fused to the stencil. I do not agree with buffing on the stuff on that smells exactly like rain-X. There is just not enough data.

Is NO CLEAN any better for High Speed PCB's?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 17 06:33:30 EST 2015 | buckcho

If you have a SPI machine you could try it, I have used no clean on some products, it is okay, depending on the product. Maybe the best way is to have SPI with feedback function to the printer and only when, for example, volume is above 220% to clean

BGA Repair information

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 12 14:20:44 EST 2014 | emeto

there are several ways: 1. Manual method- Remove the part using hot air gun, clean the pads, make a small stencil to re-ball the BGA and it is ready for placement. 2. Improved method - Use equipment dedicated for BGA rework 3. No hassle method - Giv

Reel To Reel SMT

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 03 12:58:14 EDT 2016 | rrpowers

Yes, we have been doing full SMT in reel-to-reel (R2R) or roll-to-roll for over 20 years now. This includes stencil printing, pick-and-place, reflow, AOI, electrical testing. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

stencil/printing machines for solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 11 14:10:55 EST 2015 | mbartel

Any one screen printer manufacture stand out over others? We are also 100% lead free, I use Kester solder paste. Is this a good brand compared to other brands?

stencil/printing machines for solder paste

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 16 10:27:53 EST 2015 | dinhhuunam

Hi Sir, I would like advice for you SJ INNOTECH Screen printer Please reffer website : http://sjinnotech.com/ht_ml/main/ Many thanks for your information

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