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Stencil and PCB Coplanarity measurement

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 11 21:00:54 EDT 2018 | jacobidiego

What I mean is.... What Brand and Model should I buy to measure coplanarity between this 2 surfaces that could measure micrometers of difference I think that normal bubble levels are not precise enought for this use ^^

Recommended Manufacturers

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 11 13:13:54 EDT 2018 | kdx

Hello, We are having quality issues with our current stencil manufacture for our SMT line. Could you give me some names of companies that you are satisfied with that are located in the US? Thank you in advance for your replies. Regards, Corey

Recommended Manufacturers

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 12 12:43:20 EDT 2018 | deanm

I've used BlueRing stencils (formerly Metal Etching Technology) for over 10 years and have been happy. Helpful technical support with design too. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with them.

Recommended Manufacturers

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 12 16:52:38 EDT 2018 | esoderberg

I also use Bluering formerly ASI/MET. We have been using Vectorguard stencils with them for a number of years.

Measuring the real pressure applied by Squegee

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 11 21:06:49 EDT 2018 | jacobidiego

Hi experts, I have some stencils in a bad state. Some of the marks belongs to squegee operation. I wonder if it is possible to measure the pressure that is being applied, as we can set the pressure, but we don't know if that value is real and calib

Missprinting cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed May 30 12:40:22 EDT 2018 | davef

Drink the Absolut IPC published the Stencil and Misprinted Board Cleaning Handbook (IPC-7526). Free download here: http://shop.ipc.org/IPC-7526-English-D

Need help on improving design - Automatic Pick & Place Coil

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 06 14:12:49 EDT 2018 | tey422

I just found out we are unable to epoxy it. As the customer need to pull it up and open to tune the product. Which means the only way to solve it is by fine tune the pad and/or stencil design.

Have any paper or data talking about "BGA Stencil design guideline for avoid bridge"?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 06 05:43:15 EDT 2018 | cmchoue

Thank you Mr.Spoiltforchoice, My question is not clear , let me show you a photo Did you have any suggestion? Thanks James


Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 01 02:28:40 EST 2018 | buckcho

Hi there, there are usually two gerber types that stencil guys send. Ask them to send the other type. Additionally contact me if you want to know more - there is a workaround with free gerbview program - load the gerber and just save it.

Ekra E5 Clamping Blades

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 05 02:17:41 EST 2018 | oxygensmd

Hey there, Can you take a photo about your machine? For example my machine has a stencil-like blade only.

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