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LED sticking into carrier tape

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 01 11:23:56 EDT 2017 | OrHorti

We are using a custom made nozzle, designed for this particular LED. The dome of the LED is also custom made, the diameter of the lens at the base is 2.9mm while the substrate of the package is 3.3mm, so this gives about 0.2mm spacing between lens a

Re: Straddle mount

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 06 20:48:07 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Don't this have something to do with ... ?? Awww never mind. A picture's worth a thousand words. Lookit: http://www.interconsystems.com/home/products/50/index2.html http://www.molex.com/product/pccard/type2m.html http://www.sei-intl.com/products/

Temperature Profile for 0.2mm Thick ENIG Flex PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 30 07:09:34 EST 2020 | jineshjpr

Hi All, I'm using 8 zone reflow for ROHS 0.2mm Thick PCB soldering, but Micro BGA shows voids more than 25%. Is there anybody can suggest for better solder profile. paste- aim m8, SAC 305, T4, Soaking (150-200) - tried 90s, 60s, 45s; TAL (>217)-

Universal Advantis

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 18 14:48:40 EST 2006 | PWH

Dual lane 8mm prec. pro feeders are capable of being set for 2mm or 4mm index, correct?

smt sizes

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 31 03:04:24 EST 2004 | Colin G

0805 is 80 thou by 50 thou. As there are 40 thou per mm, this is therefore a device which is 2mm by 1.25mm, i.e., a 2125 Cheers, Colin...

Re: Wave Soldering 0.050 pitch connector

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 28 10:24:56 EDT 2000 | Ben

Try to insert thin copper plate (approx. 1.5mm thk) at the end of the flow direction. Place it approx. 2mm away from the lead. The copper will pull away the solder & thus minimise bridging problem.

0201's, csp's and mold cap

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 08:31:07 EDT 2004 | todd_ferrell

We're looking for a contractor who can support high volume production of 0201 passives and 1-2mm csp's to create 4mm sq. RF modules as well as mold cap capabilities. Any leads would appreciated.

Thick lead

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 12 23:57:40 EDT 2004 | haran

Does anyone have experience cutting lead for PTH component with the thickness of around 2 mm.?Any supplier that I can talk?Please advise.

Offset for placed components?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 19 03:21:19 EDT 2004 | Evtimov

Hello all! Can you tell me what is the allowed offset for placed SMD component? Let's say for 0603 package(1.5mm,0.75mm the offset could be 0.2mm in X and Y ....) Where can I read about it? Thank you in advance.

Pick and placement forces

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 24 16:08:09 EST 2004 | Terrapin Station

This depends on the model. Most machines and turret style typically overstroke .2mm with a force of 250 - 300 grams of force. the reason for the over stroke is to place the component into the paste. This can be adjusted through part library manipul

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