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Electronics Forum | Sun May 21 00:42:44 EDT 2006 | mika

Hi, I am just thoughtful about how the SMTnet:s e-mail system works. I have been waiting for an e-mail that a fellow with a problem got and I said in the thread; just e-mail me and I will try to help You out because I still have something from the ol

RoHS PCB Questions

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 19 19:14:07 EST 2007 | jmelson

I've been running 90% lead-free (still have a couple components I can't get reliably in RoHS compliance) with a peak temp of about 238 C, on standard FR-4 boards. The only real problem is the pad adherence is compromised, making rework of the boards

through hole today

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 13 08:17:13 EDT 2013 | gregp

Hello Action_101, We are pretty much on the same wavelength as far as moving the cut and clinch and leaving the board stationary. It is the first I have heard about the cut and clinch being difficult to work on but you worked on them so your opinio

Bad business practice and disrespect to SMTnet

Electronics Forum | Wed May 29 18:15:18 EDT 2019 | assuredtech

Hello SMTnet, I've been using this forum for several years and have grown to respect what it provides to our industry and enjoy our collaboration of; process knowledge, equipment knowledge and providing resources to share as we continue to grow this

Re: Universal FlexJet!!!

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 13:15:43 EST 1999 | John Doe

It's unfortunate that there are corporations that exist that would actually hire and employ people of your specimen. You, obviously by your screen name, GSM GURU!, are a complete idiot. I'd like to see you and your idiot brother C4 GSM GURU ter

Re: Your web site .........and the gift that just keeps giving..LOL

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 13 01:48:16 EST 1998 | Jeff Sanchez

While trying to access this web site you sent over 10 "cookies" A bit overdone, isn't it? Ed, lighten up, it's the holidays! Pack up the cookies and hand them out to your friends and loved ones.Eat all you can cause around here there are plent

Re: It happens sooner or later

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 17 13:47:12 EDT 1998 | Michael Allen

Everyone- I've been involved in about 20 forums, Based on a whole range of different subjects. This one, although one of the best run and the most professional that I've experienced. It has run into a problem that almost all do...Ranting and ra

Aid and Guidance For Ben et al

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 20 07:25:47 EDT 1998 | Scott Davies

This really should not constitute verbal abuse; it is simply what has happened. Alphametals lied to me. They said hey, we're going to give you a great deal on all those frames you're not using for the MPM printer, just send them on in. Well, UPS cha

Re: Why Dry After DI?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 09 08:03:48 EDT 1998 | smd

OK, I'll take a little abuse as long as you guys are giving me all this great advice. I am concerned about what might happen when a drop here and there comes from the connectors and is absorbed into the box. The box is going to suffer from this. I am

Re: Why Dry After DI? Or does smd have to pay for the boxes outta his pay check?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 09 12:27:44 EDT 1998 | Steve Gregory

Hey there smd... Don't worry, I don't think you'll be the company shmuck, or putz, or doofus, or bone-head, or geek, or ding-bat, or...or...(hmmm, can't think of anything else at the moment)...but you catch my drift, don't ya? I only mean that unless

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