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qfp and soic joint Problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 10:30:46 EDT 2000 | Jeremy Smith

I am having a problem with some joints on a 100 pin pqfp and few different soics on one particular board. When viewed a 8x with a "Mantis" inspection scope the joints look as though they wetted to the ic leg but when probed the leg will pop loose.

TSOP40 Lead pitch 0.50mm recommended aperture sizes?

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 08 11:04:47 EST 2003 | Joe

Mark, You've already received some good advice from the other posters. The one thing I would add is that even if you solve your printing issues on this type of part, the relative small quantity of paste may be prone to soldering problems. Ever s

simple doubt about reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 18 16:47:34 EST 2007 | darby

As I stated, the reply was direct from Indium, (thanks to Rich Brooks). The information regarding cool down rates should come from your paste supplier; not an oven supplier; not a generic article on lead free. I just went through the data sheets from

63/37 HASL Finish / RoHS Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 11 22:55:22 EST 2016 | ppcbs

What type of flux is in your solder paste? Active or No-Clean? With lead free solder you really should be using an active flux. The lead free oxidizes during reflow if you are not using a Nitrogen or Vapor Phase reflow. So a more robust and activ

Re: Ceramic + Hi-temp solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 21 22:15:12 EDT 1999 | Chris

| I'm having problems with trying to get a good solder joint using a Ceramic PCB. We are using AMTECH hi-temp solder (ws-486 96.5/3.5ag). My profile looks great and I used the recommended profile from Amtech with a few adjustments. My max temp is abo

SMT Process

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 23 20:18:18 EDT 2001 | davef

Prasad�s book, that an earlier poster mentioned, is good, but other books to consider are: * MacLeod Ross �Guide Design & Manufacturing V1 & V2� Electrochemical Publications * Wassink & Verguld �Manufacturing Techniques For Surface Mount Assembly� El

Skewing of parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 20 12:49:38 EDT 2004 | mmjm_1099

We are having a problem with our Heller 1800W oven with certian parts skewing. It seems that some inductors and taller Can caps are shifting around in the oven. It seems it will solder fine and than all of a sudden just be off to one side or the othe

Re: BGA reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 28 17:23:58 EDT 1998 | Robert Steltman

| | We are about to run our first BGA devices and would appreciate some confirmation on a few points. | | First some details: | | PCB & Device: | | ============= | | 1) 16 layer (4 power, 4 gnd, 8 signal) | | 2) gold on nickel finish | | 3) ceramic

Is DEK USA gone

Electronics Forum | Fri May 24 09:19:02 EDT 2019 | davef

http://www.nordsonselect.com. Accel: Cookson created Speedline after purchasing: MPM®, Electrovert®, Accel®, and Camalot®. In 2003, KPS Special Situations Fund II purchased Speedline from Cookson. In, 2007, Illinois Tool Works ITW acquired Speedlin

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